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Jun 24, 2014
I've recently gamstopped myself for 6 months because of a really bad beat.
I have other options to gamble but im currently stuck waiting for the months deposit limits to run their course, so I decided I would give a 'not on gamstop' site a go for a tenner just to see what would happen. I expected a big win, problems withdrawing, and a load more bs (only bcoz I've been reading a lot on this forum for the last few months). True to form, all of the above happened and more. What a cheap price to pay to learn this lesson, I've surrendered an email address and a phone number, and I expect to be spammed like crazy on them so they will have to be deleted now, but what an experience it was. If I was in my early years rather than my late 40's, I know that I would have been strung along for a helluva long time and eventually lost a fortune. Thx CM.
Jesus, I've had a few beers, but posting this was more difficult than I expected. Poll responses? Whats all that about? I didn't want a poll
How strange this site is.
"Strange"? How so? The poll is easily removed -- done so -- but we didn't put it there. Perhaps you we feeling "creative" on your first post? ;)

- Max

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