JackPot Grand Casino is a full blown scam casino


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Jan 17, 2014
I could have added this into my other thread about asking if I should give them ID.

I decided to make a new one for search purposes for other players.

So I won $450 on a no deposit free chip. Max cashout is $150. No problem.

I knew the risk with this casino as it was pretty questionable when searching other threads but some members here had a good experience. So I said whatever its all free Ill just play around see if I can win and get lucky and get a cashout. I pretty much wanted to play on an RTG casino for kicks and since allslots are having huge problems I didnt want to bother with them.

In order to cashout I had to send a faxback form, provide a bunch of ID. Now I made sure to scratch out all the important stuff ex: card number, security codes, numbers on my drivers license. Just so my ID could not be used in an unethical way just in case.

I contact support and ask them to please review everything in my account to make sure there were NO issues whatsoever. Russel confirmed my account is perfectly fine and its ok to deposit.

So I deposit the $21 minimum and I get a message "congratulations. To finalize the transaction we need you to contact the cashier to confirm your deposit"

This whole time I had russel stay on chat until everything went through just in case I need help

All of the sudden I get a pop up "you have been disconnected by the administrator"

So I go to their website and contact live support and speak to another chat agent. I ask to be transferred to Russel as I was disconnected. The reply "Sorry Russel is no longer available" me response "Weird I was just talking to him 10 seconds ago"

"He had to run out to a meeting"

lol sure.

Anyways, I ask what happened and the response

"sorry our system has closed your account"


Sorry we have no answer to this. Our system just decided and doesnt provide a reason

So you arent going to tell me why when I tried to deposit into went into pre auth and suddenly your admin kicked me out.

Sorry. There is nothing else I can tell you. Have a nice day

I have since called my credit card company, made sure to cancel the pre auth and explained the situation. Also to cancel my card and send me a new one.

This is a lesson to ANYONE who plays outside the accredited list here. Do not do it. There are lots of good casinos out there. There is no reason to take risks.

I didnt lose anything here and made sure I could not be harmed in any way.

However this was still a lesson for me. Dont waste a second on non accredited casinos even if its for fun.


Dec 31, 2013
don't get me wrong but i cashed out 3 times at 3 different casinos which are not on the accredited list. $50 and 100E twice. maybe i was lucky but one thing is for sure, i will keep playing any freebie just for the sake of being able to do. could have been 4 times if i had not lost all when wager was almost complete at Monarchs casino. they send poor written emails every day with freebies and their site looks like a scam but i know 2 people who managed to win on ND and had the money in their skrill after one week. you should not give up and dig in google for a manager or any other person connected with casino.
l.e: or go to the affiliate through which you made your account as i can't see any no deposit on their site.


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Jan 17, 2014
United Kingdom
Thanks for the warning man. The best way to stay away from any online scam is through reviews and online casino patron’s experiences. I'm crossing my finger that virtual casinos with full bitcoin integration like <snip> are legit. So far, I haven't encountered any problem with them.
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