Your Input Please It's that Time of Year Again! Need your input for the 2014 Meister Awards!

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Oct 1, 2011
Northern Countries
Best casino: BETAT hands down for me. Good amount of bonuses on offer which as a bonus oriented player I tend to gravitate to. They were also quick to put some free chips in my account when I had bad runs. I have not played anywhere as generous so far. Also a quick to answer and helpful rep on the forum is always a huge plus not to mention the multiple CM exclusive promotions/competitions that they run. Withdrawals are quick and live chat is helpful and even faster. I don't think there is anything more to improve other than add more games for players to enjoy. Playing here truly made me feel spoiled although I don't deposit that much.

Worst casino experience(s): I have to nominate Redbet for this one for obvious reason. I won't go on to it more but there is a threat about it in bonus complaints section.
Also the only Playtech casino that I played at (Omni Casino) disappointed me big time. I was a long time player who played frequently and got promoted to their highest VIP level during the summer. It promised exclusive bonuses, promotions, cash giveaways and slot tournaments but after being in that loyalty tier for months I had seen none of that so I inquired my VIP host about it. They did not bother to get back at all so I voted with my wallet. A huge disappointment at the time.

Best games developer: IMO this was Microgaming by a huge margin. Terminator 2, Jurassic Park and Game of Thrones are all on my most played list atm. Especially the first two offer a superb game play experience. The graphics, animations and sound are top notch. Also the fact that all of these big releases are high variance is a plus for me. Most slot players do want to hit it big.

Worst game developer: NetEnt. What a disappointing year it's been. They still know how to make gorgeous games with cool game play mechanics but what the hell is with the paytables and the low variance? Not to mention their try at a medium to high variance game with Wishmaster. Even if the players like a more high variance game does not mean that it should eat your balance away before you can hit spin. Have to stick with the older releases for now.


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Jul 24, 2008
best casino: Jackpot Capital - RTG - Been playing there for a long time, absolutely no problems with deposits or withdraws, love the inclusion of live dealer games.
runner up: 3Dice casino, never been a fan of 3dices slots but table games are good, hopefully in the future they increase odds bets on craps and add multi-hand blackjack

honorable mention: Reaffilates casinos for changing the rules on their blackjack game to accurately reflect what is dealt. :thumbsup:

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Jan 4, 2010
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My favourite casinos at present.

Best Casino Overall - Tie 32Red, Next Casino and Lucky247 (maybe Lucky247 because they sent me an Xmas hamper!)
Best MG Bonuses - Lucky247
Best RTG - Slotocash
Best Rival - Desert Nights
Best slot selection - Betsafe
Best customer service/unique slots - 3Dice


Dec 20, 2014
Best Casino: Mr Green
Best US friendly: Bovada
Best new casino: Royal Panda
Best New Slot: Vintage Vegas
Best Rep: haven't been here for long enough to vote, but met Dieter on another forum and his is extremely helpful.


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Sep 18, 2013
Florida, USA

In my initial post I specifically mentioned that I was only considering Accredited casinos.

I have an addition to my initial post.

Deck Media gets the nod as the worst USA facing group of the year.
I stopped playing at Slots Capital & Desert Nights because the payments were really slow and CS was horrible with the exception of Slotto.
Now I am having nothing but problems with Box 24 ( not accredited but part of this group). I have told them repeatedly to stop calling me. I told them to only contact me by e-mail. Then I told them to close my account because they clearly could not get the message that I did not want them to call me. The calls stopped for a while, and now today I get an SMS text on my cell phone.

these guys as a group are at the top of my crap list.


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Oct 31, 2010
I only really play at 2 casinos so my picks are...

Best casino - 32Red - I have been playing there a long time and I prefer download casinos, always have received good customer support on the rare occasion it was needed, daily promotions, best loyalty program with club rouge, red letter days, monthly slotsmeister and microgaming is my favourite platform

Best multiplatform casino- Guts - always good customer support and free spins that really are free, quick processing of withdrawals and no ability of reversing once you cash-out

Best Managers - Jonathan and Mark at 32Red and Ben at Guts - While I have never had bonus or withdrawal issues, they listen to me whine and make me feel appreciated and rewarded for my loyalty to their casinos which I never experienced with other casinos I have joined in the past

While I do have an account at Bet-At, I have yet to deposit (I guess I am content with 32Red and Guts) They too seem to be an outstanding casino. They have such a great presence in the forum and always do so many fun interactive promo/ specials that engage the forum members here. I believe I need to rotate in a third casino and start taking part!



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Jun 21, 2012
Well...Let's go.
First of all, i want to say sorry to Ben and Guts. You guys great, everyone knows it. But i spent 80% of my gambling money in another place. Not because you worse, or something. Just because...Just because i do not know why.
Okay, drumm roll:
Best customer support award from me goes to Betat casino. This is really funny, but 80% of times i open live chat - there is Daniel :) He awesome, and i always get top notch support from him. Not sure why he is always there, probably there is 10 support agents with that name...But anyway, CS at betat is very well trained, no any single complaint, i really can't remember anything bad. :thumbsup: Runner up - Guts casino.
Best bonuses and promotions from me goes to Betat casino.Well, if i will not count special CM promos - betat still got it from me. Lot of bonuses, and not just usual deposit bonuses, there is cashbacks, freespins, and those wagering promotions(which i never complete for the whole year, because even not opt-in, lol, not sure why). And yes, achievements at IR and TSII is awesome. And if we add special CM promos - they simply destroy everyone else in this category. Well deserved and well done. :thumbsup: Runner up - Guts casino. FS without WR is great, withdrew couple of times without headache with WR.
Best casino rep award from me goes to...Well, of course i am giving this award to one rep, who always here. Any day, just sitting, reading threads, posting. Of course this rep is very helpful and great. It's betat James. He did huge amount of job here, and i think he did this job very good. Runner up: casinoBet (guts) . I want also mention: IgameRobin(great rep, really), Dieter from Tropica(never chat with him, but he looks very good), and guess who? :) AndyB from start posting,Andy start posting) :)Even if he less active this year, he is still awesome guy just to pop up and say hello! And want to admit Igor82, always was great to read his replies about casinos and how he see all the things. Miss his posts really.
Best casino software.Well, microgaming released many huge brand games. But what i want to say - this games have nothing new, really. All those 243 liners, with everything i already saw. They do not make any creative job, this is pity.Netent - looks like it is their mark...One good game, one stupid. And so on, and so on. Also very pity. In case of something new and fresh, and really interesting just to see and try in fun play, i give this award to thunderkick. Well done :thumbsup:
And finally, best online casino of the year.Since i joined this casino, from first day, i get awesome experience in this casino. Their stuff know what to do, know how to built awesome online casino, and they just did it. Betat casino.Big thanks to Igor82 and all his team, for showing us how casino should work, how it should present itself on forums, and how to deal with all things. Runner-up - Guts casino.Ben and team is very close, and definetely also another headliner in the world of online casinos.
Thanks everyone, year is coming away... Some of us had lucky year, some of us had not so lucky year, but it is still does not matter. We had a lot of great threads, great things to chat about,and for sure will have even more in 2015. Merry christmas and happy new year to all of you!


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Jul 31, 2013
Stockholm, Sweden
Best Casino - Guts, all the way! Lots of games, great customer support, very fast cash-outs and free spins that really are free! Sasu in the chat is awesome! :)

Worst casino(s) - BML Group. They have really disappointed me this year. I've been playing a lot there and i can't remember the last time i've got any bonus or freespins.


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Sep 23, 2011
North Texas
I agree with Max -- Karolina -- Best Casino Manager

Hey everyone, chip in with your best / worst suggestions!

Personally I nominate Karolina at CWC for Best Casino Manager. I don't think this year has seen a harder working, more conscientious casino manager than Karolina.

I wasn't going to even weigh in on this thread because I pretty much limit my play to Club World Group and JPC Group.

Karolina has without question gone above and beyond for me this past year. She has never failed to respond to any PM within a matter of a few hours. Whether she answered yes or a no to my request, it has always been prompt, courteous, and professional. Her "nos" were, by the way, for my own good.

So a big thanks to Karolina at Club World Group.

I will also add that Yasmeen has also been very helpful and responsive to me this past year at JPC Group and her efforts should not go unrecognized. If there is a first runner up it is Yasmeen at JPC.


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Jun 30, 1998
Alright! :thumbsup:

I just want to say thank you to all who have participated in this thread. 2014 has drawn to a close, and it's now time for me to get busy. I'll be compiling a short list for the CAG members so that they can vote for the best Casino of the Year. I'll be personally dealing with all the other stuff. :D

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