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May 31, 2002
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Ok, this isn't directly about casinos, but has anyone had any experience with these guys? Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)

Seems a viable business to market to gamblers, seeing as PayPal doesn't like us, but the website doesn't really promote confidence (bad use of English for starters) and the 46-98 hours turn around is likely not to appeal to us of the instant gratification mentality.

Anyway, I was surfing the web looking for a way to turn my PayPal account to gaming funds, and came across them.

Does anyone know of a similar but more (seemingly) trustworthy source for make a paypal to moneybookers transfer?

Thanks for the continues access to your collective intelligence.
I checked them on Russian forums. There are no negative responses about them. But and as The Watchdog the most people wouldn't trust them.

I also looked for a PayPal exchange recently. And I found that it is safer to use services of individual exchangers with good reputation on forums then some unsure companies.

I can give you contacts of such people if you like. But they take about 20-25% commission and hold your money for about 7 days.

Though, as for me, this is too high commission. So I didn't make an exchange yet.
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I will if you need it

I love paypal and shop constantly on ebay. I will exchange. I have exchanged with moonchina already so I'm not a crook or anything. Let me know I can exchange your paypal for moneybookers.

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