Is there a decent bingo progressive jackpot tracker anywhere?


Dormant account
Mar 21, 2016
Is there a decent bingo progressive jackpot tracker website/app anywhere which list individual sites jackpots, especially for UK 90 ball bingo sites? I have been trying to search on various search engines but as soon as you put in the word bingo the ads go crazy and you can't see the wood for the trees!!
I find bingo so much more fun to play when there is a decent jackpot, even though I appreciate the chances on winning are super tiny - I just can't be bothered to trawl through 100+ sites every night. Also, is there one which tells how many balls you need to call bingo in to win said jackpot? Clearly the chance of winning in 29 balls is vastly less probable than 45 balls!
if there isn't such a site, why not? Surely bingo sites would take what they can get for anywhere pushing traffic through to their site? (Hopefully there are some sites though and I just can't find them ;))

I' a newbie btw, so if I've said something daft, or asked a question already out there, I apologise in advance :oops: