Bingo Bots????????


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Jan 10, 2010
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Sorry if this subject has been touched on before but i wanted to ask all of you that have been around for awhile.I saw one or two articles on the web talking about how some bingo sites use bots to keep up a player pool and to keep players playing.Ive had my own suspicions about this for a few weeks ago.The reason i pondered this futher is becasue i asked my self how do bingo sites make money if your suppose to be playing against other players and why do they offer such huge bonuses and are so persistant at trying to get you to deposit.The only thing i could think of is that the sites put their own players in the games or bots.And if this is true doesnt that shoot out the window the theory that the game is random if the site which controls the game is also putting in players which im sure they have the ability to program what cards these bots have and if,when,how often,what pots,etc, they will win.I dont know any feedback on this would be great cause i am curious if this is a known thing and people continue to play anyway or what the deal is.thanks.