Is the Bank of Nevis still blacklisted?



Just wondering if the information in the things to look for in a casino section is still up to date. I have been looking into it, and this is the first time I have heard a negative, much less one this strong. Please advise.
Hi Borkboing,

Yes, this section is pretty much up to date.

Beware of the "no name" software casinos.
Beware of the casinos that use GSS, Unified Gaming, Handa Lopez, Inocco software.

As for the Bank of Nevis, I believe only some of the shadier "no name brand" casinos were dealing with them. Spearmaster? Any comments here? (he's the one who clued me in).

There's quite a bit of information in our "warning section" that will help you judge for yourself. Don't let some bonus that's "too good to be true" lure you into some crap site.

Stay alert--stay alive.

NEVIS.. OMG! atlanticinterbet casino uses that bank maybe thats why i am waiting over 60 days for my checks to be processed
bank of nevis omg someone returned their monies??

borkboing is that a long o or a short o? just curious
Its phonetic spelling Brat- think of the muppets and the swedish chef.

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