Is it playtech or is it the customer


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Feb 18, 2008
Here is something that happened to me again last nite and few times ive played with playtech. They always have each time a bonus when you deposit so as we all know if fund running low bonus helps to go a lil further. After i play few hours and have now won x7 times my deposit with still playthrough left i get this pop up screen with live chat stating hey deposit again right now 200% bonus for you, I tell him no thanks im still working on this deposit they persist, as i play the screen blurs i stop hitting anything and they keep asking so i log off for few hours. Later i log back in again still not hitting anything but every other spin pop up screen stating this offer is only valid till now take advantage of this. I close off windows play longer hit nothing i cant even hit scatter. So i log in this am
again same thing finished playing down to 0 balance with these pop up screens still coming at you with each bet. Now that balance is 0 your offer is 50% match. Just wanted to know anyone else have noticed this or is it just me thinking as you get close to a cash out they lure you back in.


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Oct 14, 2004
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Certainly is.

This was clearly so persistent that it caused the software to degrade in performance, and your negative feelings probably made the dry spell seem like the casino was cheating.

Getting you to deposit again would only tie you into further WR, and you would most likely find the bonus was non-cashable anyway, so should not be taken, as you cannot win it.

Clearly, once you reached zero, there was no longer any point in further baiting this trap, so you just got offered 50%, and this was at a time where, for once, the 200% became worth taking.

Rather than closing the pop-up, try moving it away from your game to the bottom of the screen, where they can chat to themselves. They will not be able to relaunch the window since it is still up, but neatly out of the way.

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