Internet vs Landbased poker

Which has the worst players?

  • Internet

    Votes: 9 50.0%
  • B&M Casinos

    Votes: 7 38.9%
  • About the same

    Votes: 2 11.1%

  • Total voters


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Mar 10, 2005
Don't think there's been a poker poll, sooooo....

Which has the worst players? :cool:

Not going to vote right now, as I just had a pretty nice beat and biased at the moment....lost with my AKs vs Q8os (he raised 4x blind in first position, I re-raised him all in...he barely had me covered, so it's not like he was playing bigstack poker) to end up 55th outta 4770 just now in Dream's 5k freeroll. :rolleyes:

Oh yea....Q on flop, 8 on river. Rest were blanks.

Ended up with $12.50 for it, so I guess I can't complain too much....but first was over $1300.
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I think the games at B&M are better because players are not multi tabling. When a fish sits at a B&M table he loses slower (because of game speed) and generally has more fun (alcohol/cute waitresses and other social aspects). There are many more fish per shark because the sharks are not playing 4-10+ tables at a time. The quality of overall games is better live but there are more fish online because many areas do not have poker room nearby, especially in large population bases in the South. Online is their only choice.
I went to Atlantic City this past weekend, and had a great time, playing hold'em for the first time in a B&M casino. I played 3 sessions at Bally's and Caesars (about 4hrs each) at the 1/2NL level.

I LOVED IT. There's nothing like it at all. I ended the weekend +400, while busting 4 different people over the course...(best part lol). I have to say that Caesars was the best, and I'll go back for sure...

Now I don't feel so bad that this bill has passed...;)

I plan on going down and playing in a couple events and satellites in December at the WSOP Circuit event. If anyone else is going, let me know and we can hook up! :thumbsup:

edit:I definitely have to say B&M has the worst players. One hand that sticks out is a hand where I had AJ, raised preflop, had one caller...flop was AQx, I bet it out, get a call, turn was a blank, I bet 20 (1/2 blinds) get another call, river blank, I bet 40, and get a call. The guy turns over pocket *NINES*! much fun.
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I have been playing more land based poker in recent months. This is partly because of moving close to one. It is certainly a different experience. The game speed and lack of games can be an issue though. You have to play when the tourists re there which means taking a weekend night or day devoted to it. I also enjoy playing Omaha8 and Stud8 and these games are very difficult to find live.
I tried to find an omaha game when I was down there, but it seems they're all hold'em now.

I live near Deadwood now and there is a scheduled Tuesday night Omaha8 3/6 with a kill at one of the poker rooms. It is juicy too. About 75% flop. That is the only time there is ever an Omaha game. Every now and then there is a Stud8 game. I hate seeing so much Holdem, where did all the high/low players go?
Even in Vegas you had to go to the Orleans to play O8. I have never seen it anywhere else in LV except at the Rio during the WSOP. I've never seen a live Stud8 game in LV outside of the Rio during WSOP time.
Hi guys my 1st post, nice forum!!

Anyway at my low limits (2-4 or 3-6) I find players at B&M casinos much worse than online.

My B&M experience being Las Vegas and online mainly Hills and Lads.
Hi guys my 1st post, nice forum!!

Anyway at my low limits (2-4 or 3-6) I find players at B&M casinos much worse than online.

My B&M experience being Las Vegas and online mainly Hills and Lads.

Isn't the house usually the ones making the money at lower limit games such as those?
Fishing is easy on-line

So many wannabe poker players start off on-line making it dead easy for the pro / semi pro to gobble them up!!!!!!!
Daniel Negreanu often talks of playing live games of "H-O-R-S-E"
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in Vegas but I guess that's just a special thing for high-rollers.

Of course, there's a popular "game" in Vegas (much more popular even than hold'em)with a similar name to "horse" and pronounced nearly the same.

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