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A review of Duplicate Poker.

Discussion in 'Casinomeister's Poker Room' started by The Ronin, Jul 13, 2007.

    Jul 13, 2007
  1. The Ronin

    The Ronin Dormant account

    Semi-pro poker player.
    Back East
    A review of Duplicate Poker.com:

    As I write this, I am waiting. Waiting is something you have to get used to when you play on this site. The tournaments are spaced well apart from each other and they go fast. The ring games are for a lack of a better word, desolate. I am sitting at a table with TexasBoyle, he is waiting as well. No point in trying to strike up a conversation with Boyle, he is a Bot.

    We wait for someone else to join, adjacent to my seat, at another table, most likely with another Bot. The ring game, or cash game, is a tournament style game. Every hand you start with the same amount of chips, and when the hand is over, it matters little if you win at your table. The only thing that counts is if your mirror player, the one sitting in your seat at another table, using your same cards, has fewer chips then you at the end of the hand. He or she must play the hand worse then you did, and hope that the Bot didnt fold pre-flop, like yours almost always does, and gave them some action.

    This of course depends on which Bot you are playing with. Some give you action all the way to the river, calling you down with anything, and some fold almost every hand pre flop. There are times when you get other live players at your table, and once you get enough, the Bot quietly excuses himself. This is double edged however. If your mirror table doesnt have and equal number of players as your table, then the Bot stays, and you only get to play every other hand. The downside of this, you are stuck in your position. I played 23 hands the other night, and was on the Big Blind for every single hand. The Bot had the Button, and Small Blind against me for every single hand we played, the other player at my table had position against the Bot, and saw substantial action on every hand, I on the other hand, was folded to, almost all 23 hands.

    On the surface, the above scenario doesnt seem all that bad. Bear in mind however, the ONLY WAY TO MAKE MONEY on this site, is to end the hand with more chips then your mirror player. So, unless your mirror player busts out, or loses their hand, your best case scenario is to lose 5 cents, and have $1.95 returned to your bankroll. It is important to be able to weather the storm, during times like this, and wait until either you are shifted to another table with the loose Bot, or more real players show up.

    You can make money on this site. It wont happen quickly, but if you take a disciplined low limit grinding approach to your play, and loosen up your starting hand requirements (substantially), you can profit. The way I have made money in the ring games, was to take $20.00 to the table, and as soon as I hit $30.00, I left. On one occasion, we actually had 4 players, and I stayed until I hit $40.00. For the most part however, your ring games will be heads up, against a Bot. Bank on that. If heads up pot-limit Texas Hold em isnt your game, stay away from the ring games!

    Strong pocket pairs, good suited connectors, Ace anything, are all pretty much meaningless. The only thing that matters is if your mirror makes a mistake. Each hand costs $2.00 at this game, or $5.00 if you have the bankroll to play at that level, and I recommend you not bother, until you have a good feel for how to play at Duplicate Poker. . The most you can win per hand is $3.95 (at the $2.00 level). You mirror has to really mess up, for that to happen. They do, and once the game gets going, you have the potential to make some money!

    I deposited $50.00, between tournaments and the $2.00 ring game, I had doubled up in about 2 hrs. Not bad, I have no idea if I got a bonus, but the Credit Card transaction for the deposit went smoothly and quickly.

    I will talk more about the tournaments later. Suffice to say that they can be profitable.

    Duplicate Poker has some work to do in my opinion. The Bots are frustrating. So far, I have encountered only 2. The one I mentioned above (Texas Boyle) and Big John. Each has their own distinctive method of play. Each one has a $1,000 bankroll, which when you first sit down, can be very intimidating. Once you get a feel for the game, and the variations in rules, you learn that the Bots bankroll is meaningless, and your only concern it your mirror. I am certain you will get tired of hearing that, but if you want to play on this site, you need to adapt that mindset. It is a challenge, and I recommend you prepare yourself for some serious Donkey action. I have adapted a method of play I refer to as Ultra Donkey, I think I might even get a cape and tights to wear, with a big kicking Donkey on the front!

    The overall concept of Duplicate Poker is intriguing, which is why I gave them a try. Their interactive video tutorial is well made, but confusing. I got the impression I would be able to see my mirror player, or players in action. Giving me the ability to adjust my play according to their overall play. Well, it doesnt work that way. Not even close! Duplicate Poker claims that skill is the deciding factor insofar as to how the winner of each hand or tournament is determined. Let me give you some hands that I played, on the $2.00 Winner take all ring game, and you can make your own determination.

    I will give you the hand #, my cards, and the community cards, wagers placed through the river, along with the end result of profit or loss. I will be fair, and show you an equal number of losing hands vs. winning hands.

    Example #1: Hand # 457177

    I was dealt: Ah 3h. On the Big Blind. Facing a Live player, who folded pre-flop.

    Flop: Ks 10s 5h

    Turn: 9d

    River: 2c

    By checking the hand history in player admin panel, I was able to see that I ended the hand with: 1030 chips, and my mirror player ended with 1420 chips. Hand history shows a total loss on my part, meaning the mirror won $3.95. However, my hand written records, taken during the actual play of the hand, show I received $1.77. This and other contradictory records in the hand history will be discussed later on in my review.

    Hand#: 457270

    I was dealt: 6d Qc

    Facing a Bot we raised each other twice. Pot is now 360 chips.

    Flop: 9 4 7 all diamonds.

    Turn: 6h

    We got them all in on the turn. Remember what I said about the Bots, they either fold pre-flop, or call you down with nothing. Very rarely will you force a Bot to fold after the flop.


    The Bot turns over 8c 9s for the win.

    Because my mirror and I played the hand the same way, meaning we both lost, but since we both lost, and both ended up with the same chip count if 0, we each got $1.95 returned. The Bots split their $4.00, for the same $1.95 each. House rake of 5cents per player.

    Hand # 457275:

    I was dealt: 10h Jc

    We got them all in pre-flop.

    Flop: Qh 9h 3d

    Turn: 7d

    River: Kh

    After reviewing the hand history and replay, I saw the Bot had 5h 2c. He went all in with me pre-flop with that!

    Anyway, I won $3.83 with that hand. The hand history says I won $3.95.

    Therein lies one of the problems with Duplicate Poker. Things just dont jive all the time. Let me explain:

    Hand histories, like in the examples above, dont add up. They dont match what really happened. Sometimes your starting hand hole cards are different on the graph type history, then they are on the video of the hand.

    Another inconsistency is with the tournament payout structure. I have won several of their tournaments, and not won what the payout structure said was to be paid for 1st place. Again, I have no idea why, perhaps it is something I am missing with the variation of the game. I do think they should be a bit more honest with that.

    I am going to touch briefly on the strategy and offer some of my personal advice on how to play on Duplicate Poker. If anyone would like a more in-depth breakdown, I will be happy to add to this. For now, lets keep it simple.

    I said earlier you need to really loosen up. True, you still need to play decent poker, but you need to reconsider what decent poker is. You really should see a flop, with any two starting cards, cash or tournament play. For the most part, if any part of the flop hits you, try to get as many chips as you can into the pot. Most of the action on this site is heads up. Exception would be in the later stages of a tournament, when your ranking is decent, and you have a strong chip count. Bear in mind, you start EVERY HAND with the same amount of chips. So, if you go all in on one hand and lose, you can recover on the next hand. The tournaments are structured with a set number of hands per round, and usually are 2 rounds.

    I strongly suggest you stay far away from the No rank shown tournaments. You will have no idea how well you are doing, against your mirror player (s). I have seen players win or place 2nd with (-) negative 12,000 chips. Thats right; they WON a tournament, with a negative chip count! I have pulled off some amazing suck outs, and at times played good poker, and lost. The only thing that matters is if your mirror(s) play worse then you.

    The concept of skill based poker is deceptive in my opinion. Poker is a skill game by nature, and playing good poker, usually results in a profit, over the long haul. Playing good poker on this site, you will get nickled and dimed to death. You can raise pre-flop with strong pairs, and if the bot doesnt call you, but your mirrors bot calls him, you are in trouble. Especially if the pair holds up, or improves. You can have the winning hand, and lose. That isnt skill based. That is slot machine or lotto scratch off odds based.

    Overall, Duplicate Poker has a decent, simple site. The interactive tutorials are well made, but confusing and deceptive. Their customer support, at least via email, is poor. I have sent 2 emails, one regarding my bonus, and one regarding a problem with my email account, asking them to re-send the initial emails. The email regarding my bonus, has been opened, but never heard a reply. The other email, it took them almost 24 hrs, but they did welcome me to their affiliate program. I have not tried their 800# yet. If and when I do, I will update.

    You have no idea how many players are on their site at any one time. You have no idea how many cash/ring games are going on, and they have a bunch of games that they promise will be coming soon.

    They should seriously consider hiring prop players who have a good grasp on the game variation concept. Prop players who will answer questions for the live players, and offer them action like a real player would, instead of the flawed programming Bots they currently have. Their Customer service needs a good kick in the ass, when a new player who deposited, and played as much as I did, send an email, it should at least get an auto reply. My email has a tag in it, so I can see when it was delivered, and when it was opened. So I know for a fact, they have gotten my emails.

    A serious look needs to be taken at their inconsistencies in regards to hand histories, and a better explanation of tournament payout structures. I have no idea how things like this could have slipped through the cracks, but unless my computer is infected with something, what happens during play, and what is recorded as record are two very different things.

    I have not made a withdraw request yet. I am waiting until I get to $200.00. Once I do, I will follow up with how that process works.

    One last note, and if you are going to play on this site you need to pay attention. If you play the ring game, you have to click the Sit out next hand box when you want to leave that game. If you simply click Leave Table you will indeed leave, but your bankroll stays, and you continue to play. You will auto fold after time out of 10 seconds, until you no longer have at least $2.00 to play with. This is a serious flaw. I dont know of any other online poker room that has this. Every one I play at, when you leave the table, you LEAVE THE TABLE, with whatever bankroll you have left. So make double doggie sure, you click the sit out next hand box before you leave.

    Overall, I would grade Duplicate Poker a C- (C minus). There are some easy steps to take on their part that would quickly move them into a B.

    1. Hire Prop players that will converse with the live players, and answer questions.

    2. Rapid response to emails.

    3. Offer a live chat, or have a community chat that is monitored by a customer service rep.

    4. A better explanation and easy to understand bonus program. They advertise 100% bonus, and they are clear about how to make that bonus, but as of now, I have been unable to figure out if I got a bonus or not.

    5. Show how many players are online. Show how many tables and how many players are playing the ring games. The current method of sitting down with a Bot, and waiting for the game to start isnt very good. I would like to see the tables, and number of players, so I dont have to sit and wait. If there is no game then fine, but at least let me find out and decide on my own.

    6. Increase the dollar amounts and buy- ins on some of your tournaments. You can and will draw players, who will use skill to play.

    There are other ideas and suggestions I have. I think I have rambled on for long enough for now. I will follow up with my withdraw story, assuming I have one. I also hope some of the other members here will chime in with their 2 cents.

    My user name is Ronin. I have written this review based upon my own personal experience and play at Duplicate Poker. I assume full responsibility for the content of my review. If legitimate facts are presented, causing me to change my opinion, I will.

    Thank you for reading my thoughts on this site. I look forward to seeing you at the tables!
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  2. Jul 15, 2007
  3. The Ronin

    The Ronin Dormant account

    Semi-pro poker player.
    Back East

    So, Thursday July 12th 2007, I decide to give Duplicate Pokers 800# a try.

    It doesn't work. I got a series of long rings, and then it would hang up!

    Well, they have a direct dial number. It is long distance, but I figured why not. A very pleasant lady answered, and we chatted for a few minutes. She was nice, but totally unable to assist me. She had no access to my account, or anyones account, all she could do was take a message! I told her about the emails I had sent, and asked her to request information regarding my bonus.

    It is Sunday, and as of yet, I have heard nothing. No email, and no phone call.

    Their main site claims to have 24/7 support.

    So I am not interested in the "we don't work on weekends" load.

    I have sent several emails, and now I have called them. I was told my questions and concerns would be marked as "High Priority" by the answering service.

    It would appear that was a waste of time.

    My email is not blocking their emails, my spam filter is off, and the affiliate welcome email came through with no problems. So the "Your email server must be blocking our letters" is not going to be a valid excuse either.

    This seems to be a total lack of customer/player support. It is unacceptable to advertise "24/7 live support" and not be able to do more then write a trouble or issue ticket. The nice lady at the answering service did give me an "issue number" of 2236. Whatever I am supposed to do with that, I have no idea.

    The amount of ring game rake, and tournament fees I have paid, should have cleared any bonus I was eligible for. I have 73 bonus points. I have played a total of 508 ring game hands. Each hand was raked a total of 5 cents. I have played 25 tournaments, with fees ranging from 10 cents to 75 cents. I have played 9 sit-n-go tournaments, with fees ranging from 10 cents to 50 cents.

    I would estimate my total rake generation to be right around $40.00.

    No, it is certainly not high roller status, but the limits they offer, you would have to live on their site to generate much more then that for the few days I have been playing there.

    What it breaks down to is this. My rake generation almost equals my total initial deposit. All-in-all, duplicate poker is ahead at this point. So why in the hell is it so hard to give me a simple email reply when I have a question?

    Why would you advertise "24/7 live support" when it is nothing more then an answering service?

    At this point I am hesitant to attempt a withdraw. The banner at the top of this forum says "100% deposit bonus until June 30th" So maybe it is no longer offered. Except Duplicate poker.coms main site has the 100% initial deposit all over the place, with no "Until June 30th" anywhere.

    I don't know about this place folks! They just went from a C- to a D in my book. :mad: :confused: :mad:

    I will update if and when I attempt a withdraw.
  4. Jul 16, 2007
  5. The Ronin

    The Ronin Dormant account

    Semi-pro poker player.
    Back East
    It gets worse!

    Ok, I have resent my emails to their customer support.

    I have PMd and emailed the poker room rep on this forum.

    Since my customer experience with this company has been less then acceptable, I started digging. I have found a laundry list of outstanding issues, both technical and customer service related, posted across several sites. One does not need to wander far however. A quick view of Duplicate Pokers own forum, is an eye-opening experience.

    Duplicate poker enjoys prime ad space on this site. So I am crossing my fingers and hoping the poker room rep here steps up to the plate, and starts to respond.

    This is a big one. I have been in email contact and thusfar 1 telephone conversation with people that claim they are well beyond the 14-21 day wait for their withdraws.
  6. Jul 17, 2007
  7. Duplicate Poker

    Duplicate Poker Dormant account

    Poker Room Manager
    New Orleans
    Please forgive the delay in responding, but there are many issues raised and I wanted to do some homework before responding. I will try to address all the major points, starting with the most important - cashouts.

    We process cashouts at least once a week and most of our customers are very satisfied with this time frame. When there are issues with cashouts it is usually over the W9 - either we haven't received it or we received it incomplete or unsigned. As a US corporation bound by US laws we are required to follow this procedure. As with any business, there are occasional miscues. And there are sometimes issues that I won't go into on a public forum. But by and large there is no problem with cashouts.

    A close second in importance, in my opinion, is customer support, and on this count we can only plead guilty. I have spent the last week helping catch up with the backlog, and from this point on, I will stay fully involved in bringing our customer support up to the level our customers deserve. And this is not idle talk. As long as I stay involved with this company my number one objective will be to elevate customer support.

    Next, and it would rank higher if I believed it true, is the contention that leaving the table without "sitting out" will cause your bankroll to be depleted. I know of a case or two where the funds on the table somehow stayed at the table, which is clearly a bug that needs to be fixed, but I have never seen a complaint of a bankroll being "blinded off" after the player leaves the table. I'm a firm believer that anything is possible, but I have to believe we would be inundated with complaints if that were happening. I will take this to the tech team.

    As for the tournament payouts, I have seen a few complaints on the payout formulas, for the most part I'm not a big fan of them myself, but I haven't seen any evidence that the payouts don't match the formulas (other than a few ill-advised satellites and freerolls that won't be repeated), nor has our QA tester. While I believe that the 'The Ronin' has done a fair and mostly objective job of reviewing our site, I think all would have been better served in this instance had he provided concrete examples rather than impugn our honesty. I will take this too to the tech team.

    On the hand history issue, we had problems with this for several weeks not long ago, but I thought they had been resolved, our resident QA tester says that it is working fine for him. Another for the tech team.

    The bots are a necessary evil until we grow to the point that we no longer need them to start games. And they do excuse themselves as soon as the game has at least four players.

    We have had discussions on hiring props, and we are leaning that way. No decision yet though.

    Lastly, the question of Duplicate Poker as a "skill game". What we have done is remove the "luck of the draw" from the game of poker. Now you can catch rags all day and still win, even if you're not Eskimo or Gus Hansen. As suggested, the skill set may not be what you expected, but without the "luck of the draw", what else can it be but skill?
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  8. Jul 17, 2007
  9. The Ronin

    The Ronin Dormant account

    Semi-pro poker player.
    Back East
    I am surprised and very pleased to see a reply. You have addressed the major points, and not tried to skirt the issues. For that, I thank you.

    Ok, I could be satisfied with that structure, and hopefully soon I will be making a cashout. Is the W9 needed for total withdraws under the $600.00 mark? Or are they needed for any withdraw?

    Also in the PM and email I sent you, I directed your attention to the forum run by duplicate poker, where there is a long outstanding complaint of a no pay/no communicate. It would probably help matters some, if your forum was more closely moderated, and issues posted there had clear rapid responses from knowledgeable reps.

    You have to look at things from the prospective of a current or future player. Everyone knows that nothing is perfect. So we do expect to see problems from time-to-time, but these problems legitimate or otherwise, should be addressed. Especially in your own forum.

    That statement is the most important and refreshing thing you could have said. Most likely you will keep me as a player for a very long time, if you live up to your words. I have little doubt you will. :thumbsup:

    In my opinion, it takes a strong sense of customer service to admit you are wrong, and more importantly to lay out a plan of action to correct that wrong. You strike me as a hands on manager, who is willing to get involved to affect change for the better. Thank you. and I hope we can establish a long term relationship as your site and concept continue to grow.

    It is not a contention, it is a fact. If you click leave table, your bankroll that you sat down with at that seat, either up or down, still plays. I learned this the hard way. After I made my initial deposit, I clicked around trying to find a game. Once I found one, I started to play. I got up from the table by clicking "leave table" and left the room where my computer is. I was in the bathroom, and heard "Dealing the next hand" :eek2: Needless to say, I raced back to the computer and saw I had just folded. I have tried this several times, just to verify it does indeed happen. I can say without a shadow of a doubt, it does.

    To directly address this statement:
    From my limited amount of play, I have rarely seen people bring more then $5-$10.00 to the ring games. It is entirely possible that they are leaving the games, without clicking the "sit out next hand" button, logging off the site, and not realizing they are still getting action. I tried this exact scenario, and it does indeed happen. I left the table, logged off the site, closed my internet connection, reconnected and logged back into the site, and saw I had folded several hands. It is possible that the issue has been corrected since I have done this. It is also possible, that the amount of ring players is so small, that the issue has gone unnoticed.

    I tried to be clear on my analysis of this issue. If it even is an issue. I said:
    The payout formula is different and it is based upon several factors. If it is possible to change the payout structure during the course of the tournament, then fine, but I think this should be disclosed up front. As for examples, I don't know how to take screen shots, I will learn and email you examples. You tech team should be able to check payout histories and quickly find this.

    You are correct. I should have used a better phrase then questioning honesty, and I apologize. :oops: :oops: :oops: I am human, and I make mistakes :eek2:

    By and large, you will find most poker players do not mind playing against prop players. We know props play with their own bankroll, are skilled players as a result, and offer much tighter action then a free roll winner looking to clear the roll over requirements to cash out. We understand the need for these players, and for the most part, welcome their action. Since all money is good money at the table! :thumbsup:

    Bots on the other hand, they are nameless faceless creatures, that are the epitome of everything that is bad with internet poker. Harsh, but for those of us that have played poker online for years, you will be hard pressed to find dissension to that opinion.

    If the kinks are worked out, and you continue to address the issues like you have here, I would be willing to prop for your site. Like I said, the concept it interesting, the game is fun. You just have some kinks to work out. No this is not a pitch for a job either. Duplicate poker grows on you after you play there for awhile, and I am extremely pleased to see an aggressive approach to legitimate customer issues.

    I have played in enough tournaments to say that skill CAN be a factor. I have developed a certain strategy, that is useful against certain players. That said, and I know you are sick of the Bot lecture, this scenario says skill isn't an issue:

    Me vs. Big John. Ring game, 1 mirror each:

    I have Pocket kings on the small blind. I raise to 3 times the Big Blind. Big John folds, like he almost always does, but my mirror gets a call from Texas Boyle.

    Because of an ace on the flop, they both check. Turn is a King, my mirror bets the pot, Tex calls, like he usually does no matter what he has, and the river is a blank. My mirror goes all in, Tex calls, and my mirror wins. I lose, simply because the Bot refused to call pre-flop. Even though I won the hand, against the table I played on, I lose money because the loose bot calls with anything! Is that skill? Or is that luck of the bot? :rolleyes: :)

    I have seen players fold every single hand during a tournament, and still manage to win. They didn't play at all, didn't win any chips, and somehow still manage to win or at least advance to the second round. It is frustrating to play at tables like this, especially when you have 5 mirrors, who at least some of them are getting action. You can outplay, bluff and or have the best hand, but if you are not getting action, you will lose.

    For now, I am willing to agree to disagree with the skill based scenario. At least until you get more players. :thumbsup: Which you will, if you continue to offer rapid response to issues, like you did here.

    Thank you for taking the time to respond to my review. I hope we will chat again.
  10. Aug 29, 2007
  11. The Ronin

    The Ronin Dormant account

    Semi-pro poker player.
    Back East
    Update on duplicate poker. :thumbsup:

    I haven't made a withdraw request yet. No need, my balance is low and I have fun playing occasionally.

    I did get a nasty surprise with last months phone bill :eek2: It seems their "support number", which you may recall is little more then an answering service, is based in Canada. Which means my 3 minute call, cost me over 5 bucks. :mad: I wasn't impressed with that.

    What did impress me, is the new version of Duplicate Poker. They made some big time changes, and it appears they are starting to attract players. :thumbsup:

    I hope they can keep up the good work, and I sincerely hope they have fixed the issues with their Customer support.
  12. Sep 23, 2007
  13. dominique

    dominique Dormant account

    The Boonies
    An more updates on this?

    How is customer service?
  14. Sep 27, 2007
  15. catrina m

    catrina m Senior Member PABaccred

    US of A
    Is the Duplicate poker rep a one time poster?
  16. Sep 27, 2007
  17. winbig

    winbig Keep winning this amount.

    Almost a month since their last visit.....

    I don't like the idea of the W9. Do they take into account your NET winnings, or GROSS winnings when reporting you to the IRS?

    I love that last line. :rolleyes:

    You must register/login in order to see the link.
  18. Sep 27, 2007
  19. pokeraddict

    pokeraddict Webmaster

    Pro Poker Player
    Las Vegas
    A few posters at 2+2 have complained that although it is advertised as a skill game after the first hand there are different situations at each table that make it impossible to compare the chip counts and say they came from the same "skill". Also they complain the software is painfully slow and it is easy to collude since people at other tables can tell you on IM what the guy next to you has.

    It seems the only way to make this truly skill based is if bots are in every seat but one at a table.
  20. Sep 27, 2007
  21. winbig

    winbig Keep winning this amount.


    And for each bot to act independently of each other.....ie: play each hand different than the bot in the same seat at a different table.

    Personally, I don't really care for the format, especially if you're playing in a tournament where you can see exactly where you rank in chips against your "opponent" at a different table. What ends up happening is it's a donkfest towards the end of the round...someone ends up going all in (preflop) each of the last few hands because they need to at least double up to either advance, or win. If you're stuck in the middle of that crap, you can end up losing either by getting a good hand cracked, or by not playing at all because you had a mediocre hand and didn't want to risk most of your chips.
  22. Sep 27, 2007
  23. pokeraddict

    pokeraddict Webmaster

    Pro Poker Player
    Las Vegas
    This is exactly what I mean by the skill being eliminated after the first hand.
  24. Oct 5, 2007
  25. jolub

    jolub Experienced Member

    Michigan, USA
    I got an offer of $10.00 free for opening an account. I have never played there for one reason or another. After reading these posts I think they can keep their free $10.00. I don't think I want anything to do with this site until many of the listed issues are fixed. Thanks for the great review, you save me fro wasteing my time.
  26. Oct 5, 2007
  27. Snowman

    Snowman Dormant account

    Oxford (England)
    $10 offer

    I too had a $10 introductory offer to register with DP which, true to their word, was availale as soon as I completed my details. However, I have to agree t skill element disappears after hand #1. But the main reason I've not played the site for a while is the software and format makes it unbelievably slow. One hand lasted longer than my first marriage. If I stayed on the site long enough to get a decent bankroll established, continental Europe will probably have drifted somewhere close to Rhode Island. A friend of mine used the site (once, vowing never to return) and said the last time he saw anything that boring it was elected to the White House. However don't take my word for it, try it yourselves for a hand or two. Just make sure you're on an extended vacation before you log on.
  28. Oct 6, 2007
  29. GaryWatson

    GaryWatson Dormant account

    Marketing Consultant
    So I take it, its just like hand by hand play on the bubble?
  30. Nov 12, 2007
  31. DoverPro

    DoverPro Dormant account

    Professional Gambler
    Duplicate poker


    Just wanted to post a positive. I have played at Duplicate Poker, although not a lot lately. I have never made a deposit, however, I won cash in several freerolls they offered, have been paid by them by check with no problems whatosoever. I've also played in a number of their buy-ins. I still have around $50 in my account. In addition, I was promptly paid $65 when one of my referrals signed up and made a deposit.

    It is a different way to play poker, but it can be fun and challenging. However, I only play in the show rank at all times games, since knowing where you stand in a tourney is a major part of yuor betting strategy.

    There are some very good players there, and the competition is good.

    Play tight and beware the bluffers, there are fewer of them than you may think
  32. Nov 13, 2007
  33. lots0

    lots0 Banned User - troll posts - flaming

    I do nothing productive
    Hell on Earth
    Signed up and played my free $5.

    Not my cup of tea.

    Too slow.

    1/2 the time or more I'm in heads up play and it seems like no matter how many chips I win, I never win.

    You can clean out your opponent time after time in Heads Up play and still lose, I can't deal with that.
  34. Nov 14, 2007
  35. lots0

    lots0 Banned User - troll posts - flaming

    I do nothing productive
    Hell on Earth
    Press Release from Duplicate Poker

    DuplicatePoker.com Introduces Revolutionary New Look and Launches New Age in Skill Gaming
    Wednesday November 14, 10:00 am ET
    New Game Design Debuts at only U.S.-Based Online Poker Site

    NEW YORK, Nov. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- DuplicatePoker.com, the only US-legal online poker site, has introduced an innovative new look to its revolutionary online poker game site. The state-of-the-art design allows online poker players to sign up and play games and tournaments with ease in a fun yet highly-competitive environment that is both legal and secure.(1)

    Imagine a poker game with no luck involved. Imagine a poker table where there are no bad beats. Imagine a poker game based on just one thing -- pure skill. Now, there is indeed a place where the best player always wins. It's called DuplicatePoker.com.

    Duplicate Poker is unique in many ways. Players compete against opponents who are placed in corresponding seats, sitting at other tables. Your goal is not necessarily to outplay each of your opponents at your table as is the case in a standard poker game. The object of Duplicate Poker is to win more chips (or lose less chips) than your opponents in the same seats at other tables. All players in corresponding seats receive identical hole cards. Each flop, turn, and river is also the same at every table. So, it's up to you -- not the luck of the draw -- to outfox your opponents. In short, the best player wins. That's how real poker should be, right?

    DuplicatePoker.com's new design offers several unique features. First and foremost, the improved interface makes it easier to play the game and follow the action. Much more information is now available to players via an easy-to- use navigation system. And as always, customer support is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Other features include:

    -- The Main Lobby which serves as a complete menu of all the types ofgames and formats available to players

    -- Player avatars to display your unique table image

    -- Regular announcements which remind players about upcoming events and special promotions

    -- A "Game Format" section which allows players quick and easy access to answers on how to play duplicate poker

    -- A live scoreboard with updated rankings, so players can track their progress

    -- Player preferences, which include avatars, sounds, player and dealer chat, and other options

    "This innovative design makes our games easier and more fun for players of all skill levels," said Dan Goldman, Vice-President of Marketing for DuplicatePoker. "Our players have given us terrific feedback and suggestions for improving our site, and most of the improvements we've made have come directly from those suggestions."

    Newcomers who visit DuplicatePoker.com benefit from a quick, interactive video tutorial on how to play the game. Once the game is successfully downloaded, the site offers both "play money" and "real money" games to its customers. Play money games allow novices a chance to become more familiar with the nuances of Duplicate Poker, at their own pace. Players can also compete for real money legally, since Duplicate Poker is considered a game of skill rather than chance. All players, even those living in the US, can deposit using Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

    DuplicatePoker.com also offers cash bonuses just for signing up and frequently holds free tournaments for its players, called freerolls. Recently, the site has been offering a 100% sign-up bonus (up to $100) on any deposit made by new players. The site is also currently offering all players, whether they deposit money or not, a free $5 gift certificate for playing on the site with no obligation.

    Poker Pro magazine described the site this way in a recent review:

    "Duplicate Poker is different...There is no doubt that this is a new
    experience. From the ability to play with real money by using your Visa,
    Mastercard, or American Express account to transfer funds, to the fact
    that winning is based on skill, not luck, Duplicate Poker is a concept
    that has been a long time coming."(2)

    Duplicate Poker was patterned after duplicate bridge, which is popular worldwide in clubs, tournaments, and online. Just as in duplicate bridge, each player faces an identical set of circumstances, where skill and not luck is the primary component.

    Visit the site to try out the next big thing in skill-based gaming. Duplicate Poker can be found at: You must register/login in order to see the link.

    More about DuplicatePoker.com

    Duplicate Poker is a high-tech company that creates online and offline skill-based poker games for consumers. The company's mission is to create fun, secure, and user-friendly poker games, as well as to develop innovative and groundbreaking technologies.

    Duplicate Poker applies the principles of duplicate bridge to popular poker games, such as Texas Hold 'em. Duplicate Poker increases elements of skill and decreases elements of chance. Essentially, all competitors are dealt the same cards within a given period and win or lose based solely on performance. Hence, Duplicate Poker is predominately skill-based. Duplicate Poker.com is not a gambling site and is legal in most U.S. jurisdictions.

    U.S.-based players may use standard forms of payment -- such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express to make deposits into their Duplicate Poker accounts.

    The management and shareholders of the company are well-respected individuals in their respective industries. The assembled talents of the Duplicate Poker Team have developed a new way of playing online poker that elevates the image of the game to a new level of respect in the gaming community. All employees and shareholders are proud to be a part of this unique enterprise that converts poker to a mentally-challenging sport, while providing financial rewards to its best players.

    Duplicate Poker was established in 2004 as a privately held Delaware company. Headquarters are based in New York, NY, with satellite offices in Los Angeles, CA, Las Vegas, NV and Tel Aviv, Israel.

    (1)Duplicate Poker is legal in most U.S. jurisdictions. Players are encouraged to check with local authorities to determine legality in their area.

    (2)Source: Poker Pro magazine, written by Jennifer Newell, November 2007
  36. Nov 14, 2007
  37. 1819

    1819 Dormant account

    retired athlete
    it would be better if you played "with" the other people in your seats. i tried it once. i remember i got pocket 3's big blind. the other guy folds preflop. i win 10 chips, 3 3 flops, the other players in my seat all cleaned up and i lose because the bot i'm playing against folded. where is the skill in that? i manged to win i think 5 out of the 6 hands and got clobbered because of the folded hand. not for me.

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