Question Inspector by Magnetic Gaming - Did I won the Jackpot?


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Aug 3, 2016
Hello everyone!

Last night I was playing the Inspector online videoslot by Magnetic Gaming for the first time at The game is flagged as "New" and I tried it, like I try almost every new game at videoslots. It is 3x3 reel game with 2 jackpots (minor starts at 1k and super start at 15k). The jackpots were just very little over the starting amount. Minor jackpot was something over 1k, and the super jackpot was something over 15k, just little over the starting amount. It looked like I was the first person to play it :). I was betting at 0.80 €. The game didn't pay literally nothing. I was down quite a lot, to suddenly hit "Case file bonus". In this bonus you have 20 spins (not free spins!) to collect clues to get the reward from the "criminals" that pop up on the left side of the screen. After few spins the bonus retriggered, so I was like with 35 spins to get the clues. After clearing 3 "criminals" with some minor prizes I got a "criminal" with the Jackpot game prize. I cleared that one too and got to the jackpot game screen. The screen shows the "criminals" in line with the rewards sum under them (check the developer game promo video: Link Removed (Old/Invalid), at 3:31). In this phase you just click start and light go from left to right on, to finally stop on one of the criminals with the prize winnings. And in my case it stopped on the criminal with the Super Jackpot flash inscription under it. The screen faded in, and reloaded again in the same bonus. Now with different prizes tags. I clicked start and this time it stopped on some cash prize. I recieved that (60 €). I played on, because I still had a lot of spins to finish the "bonus" and was not thinking about the situation. I was lucky enough to get the clues for the guy with Jackpot bonus for the second time, but this time it stopped on cash prize on the first roll. I was in plus after the bonus game and went to play another game.

After playing another (new) game from the same provider that situation come to my mind, because I had a feeling that I was neglected to win the jackpot and that the game is broken. I went to read the Inspector game rules and info but there is not any good explanation about this jackpot phase of the game. At first during the play I thought I had to hit more times in the same bonus round but this is not explained in the game rules. I contacted the support and asked how the Inspector game system works to win the jackpot, but they were unable to give me the propper explanation, since they don't have any good experience with that slot. So they just copy-pasted me the ingame rules that do not fully explain the game and the ones that I ve already read. They also checked my gaming history and said I was paid correctly. I asked them to speak with their technicians to look into game server log, to check if the game is working propperly. They said they will and that they will contact me via email. The guys at the support were very fair and correct.

I have also send a question regarding the game and its Jackpots system to the game developer Magnetic gaming and now I am waiting for response.

Now I am asking you the community, do you have any expirience with this slot? Did anyone hitted the Jackpot on Inspector slot and how is it won? Do you think I won the Jackpot and the game didn't pay out and is broken?

I will keep you informed on the answers that I ll recieve.

Thank you for any response and info.

Sry for my bad english.

Best luck!


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Jun 3, 2013
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Very interesting to see what has happened when you actually did hit the bonus game.
My guess is that you have to hit the major jackpot guy maybe a couple of times and that the cash prizes are awarded on the spot.
Haven't tried the game yet so I cannot help you, just thinking that to just hit 1x the JP guy would be way to easy to win a major jackpot.
So I am sure there is more to do to actually win the JP.

I agree with you,should be made very clear in the game help file.

Did you check their website yet?
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Also normally there is a more extended help file available if clicking on the ? symbol which mostly occurs on the left or right top corner of the slot.
I know for WMS and Netent slots it works this way.
These help files contain way more info about a slot than the actual ingame paytable / info sheets.

Let us know the outcome! :)


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Aug 21, 2015
i do understand it like this, after looking into the rules:
in the case file bonus you won access to the jackpotflash ( the 6 criminals in a row ).Here you can win a cashprize or the ( minor ) jackpot or access to the super jackpot flash, where you have the chance to win the super jackpot. that is what you won. there are again 6 criminals and you can win a jackpot or cash prize like you did. like getting to the next wheel if it was a jackpot-wheel.
It is described exact this way in the rules, maybe they changed that or did it mire precise