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Feb 23, 2013
i have a friend who plays these games and has won a few cashpots now my question is hes won all these on one game which is slots of gold,hes played others including the megaways deal or no deal game but has never once on this game been sent to the jackpot reel for the chance of a cashpot now to me considering how much hes played this game i find it a bit suspect like i say if hes playing slots of gold he quite regulary gets the jackpot king spin any thoughts anyone
Maybe that game contributes more to the progressive hence triggers more often?

Im not saying this is the case but there isn’t any rules that I know of that prevents different games having different trigger rates, and will contribute accordingly to account for that.
I had it one time and it was long ago but the outcome was not worth mentioning but will look into the games with it and try again sometime.
Ty for your response to give a bit more detail my friend has hit the smaller pot 3 times and the medium pot twice both for 20k plus his stakes range from a £1 to £10 this is from on and off sessions in the last 6 months all off of slots of gold despite trying some of the other games I'm a tad perplexed

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