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Dec 24, 2005
I'm starting to wonder if designing a full flash site maybe the way to go. Obviously SE don't read flash content so acheiving top SE rankings based on just this is going to suffer. But having been successful with SE optimisation techniques on other sites in the past, I've got more than a few tricks to prop up the areas that the flash will hobble.

If anyone has any input as to why this is a bad idea or why this may not work, I'd be interested in hearing your views, thanks :)
Flash is amazing and very effective at converting customers but as you mentioned, seo is paramount and flash kills any success of that.

A great balance between the two works. You can use big areas of flash nested in html documents with lots of keywords.

Striking a balance is key.


I'm getting hit by a range of IP's coming from AOL UK that are taking bits & pieces of content 20 - 30 times a day. If I block the IP range I'm blocking my targeted audience. So that shoots me in the foot too. For the time being I've enabled hotlink protection least this stops them getting at my images, the code is php, so they can only grab the dynamically generated html, but that's still usable. I've got a security_mod rewrite to stop external nasties getting in too.

Over an above all this it's driving me nuts, I'm becoming really obsessive and paranoid about this daily activity. I can see all my hard work going down the tubes and being used by some low life which in trun will screw up my SE results anyway. Hence the reason why I've starting thinking along the lines of flash.

The other alternative is to simply have all pages load in a windowless browser, and JavaScript no right click no highlight text. But forcing the browser to open void of peoples navigation & tools would probably annoy people, it would me!

That's my quandary.

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