I'm currently listening to...

I'm done with this week's work.

It's almost Friday already, so why not?

Currently having a beer (or two). I didn't really believe that Faith No More song Goatwack posted yesterday. I mean, nobody takes my bottle!

Superunknown by Soundgarden turns 30 this Friday. One of my all time favorite albums.

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Alas, I cannot take credit, that is all down to @ternur.

I believe it was Goatwack who coined themed music days. Let's face it, it's always Goatwack!

Yet he will never take Friday to be his own. Everyone knows that Friday is and always will be RPWL Friday!

Challenge accepted.

As we all know, the theme for today day is Waifu Wednesday (or Weeb Wednesday if you live in Sweden).

Here's a song that combines both of those themes :thumbsup:

♫ Throw away all meaningless expectations

Your heart will scream

How blessed you are to be still breathing ♫


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