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Jul 23, 2006
$30 free bonus @ Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)

i played roulette and cashed out $5000

ich recommend diesen online kasino!
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What is your connection to this place?You've posted all over online about this place.....and most of them have been deleted....

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(7/23/06 7:55 am)
Reply $30 free bonus
$30 free bonus @ www.putteputtecasino.com

i cashed out $4000 on cactus jack slots, good luck
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How does he get paid for the spam sandwich?

Out of curiosity, I had a look. Their payout tables don't look too good.

Baccarat 98.46%
Blackjack 98.11%
European Roulette 97.67%
Jacks or Better Video Poker 97.36%
Slot Machines 95.53%
All Games 96.64%

Slots are about right, but they either have some pretty crap BJ and VP players or something is not looking right, these are 3-month figures, not the usual one month.

Perhaps payment is per spam posted, and not per attracted player.
winbig said:
... Nice catch, but might wanna change the topic line too :D

As per the forum rules - here is the spammer's email address:

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