I like to know how many times you go to your local bingo halls


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Dec 16, 2004
Palm Bay Florida
Just a question for all the Bingo Players
I like to know how many times you go to your local bingo halls per-week in your area. Why I ask is that you have people spending $40-$50 to win $25-$50 a game. & two great winner takes all games in the night.
Like the bus trips I do to Foxwoods Bingo I have some people play bingo five times a week.and I know people say to me all the time
"Oh I can't go with you this month I spent all my money"
I say if you go play bingo five times a week cut out Three of them and do go to a better bingo least if you hit one your going to take home alot more than a little church or club bingo.
not any more

I have not been to land bingo in years.use to go almost every nite.I like to think that i am lucky when it comes to bingo.the reason i do not play land is because they do not have many here in nevada.none that i like.but as for the internet i play every day.right know i a little upset cause my favorite place does not allow u.s. players :(. i am still playing but it just not the same.i keep trying new sites but nothing fun yet lol.
thank you,

p.s. that's why i am able to look through forms know.to much time on my hands.lmao. before it was just my bingo i had time for.
Before I use to regular playing Bingo game but now a day I am not able to play regularly. While playing tell some trick to win the game :cool:

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