i hit 2 randoms in one day.. o m g


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just want to post real quick that first I was amazed that I hit a random of over 7.000 .. then a few hrs later hit another one at over 3.000. its been a while since I even had a decent cash out so I was thrilled. prob wont ever happen again.. but I wanted to say thanks to slotocash for the quick withdrawl . once documents were updated. and the extra money is great at Christmas time.. another reason I wanted to post is because so many times I would kick myself for even putting money in the casino.. as I have done lots of times . and the feeling of dread sweeps over and you just know its another deposit down the drain. so I would come on here and see players posting their screen shots and it would make me feel better knowing that sooner or later maybe I too could come out ahead. and so reading on here would cheer me up a bit. so im hoping my thread cheers some one up today.


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Congrats congrats :yahoo:

Was hoping for pics though :(


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LOL I didn't take pics. the fireworks went off and my eyes locked on the screen and then the display was gone. I think I took a pic with my cell as im not sure how to do screen shots.


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That is so AWESOME!!! I am happy for you, just in time for the Holidays. Now don't forget to blow some of that money on yourself!!!



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Merry Xmas to you! Another member posted a few years back about 3 jackpots. It was on their winners page. Go get them.

I rarely play RTG , mostly because the casinos are US dollars and CAD is way down. If you never hit a random, a big enough part of RTP is tied up to them.

Fortunately, I hit one a few years back, so my stats are the normal expected loss over years.