How much is worth average Casino Player ( in US $$$)


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Jul 27, 2006
Hello People,

I am just interested if any of you people have any figures about some interesting statistics in Online Casino Industry. The question is:

" How much average Casino Player is worth in $$$?"....

I understand that CPA programs pay between $50 - $300 per player. But if we talk about RevShare programs what would you say, what's the average earnings per player (for the lifetime of that player)...

Very tough to answer with $xxx

Each affiliate site has it's own niche and target market.
Each gaming site has it's own strengths and retention rate.
Players play at more than one casino.

And averages are quickly skewed by the big and small players.
Eg at one site I am an affiliate at that gives individual stats.

13 players this month - rev ranges from $20 up to $800
Median value is around $85 this month
Average value is $150 this month

Casino B :
7 players this month - rev ranges from -$2000 to $650
Median value is around $80 this month
Average Value is -$80 this month (a loss)

Some players stay for months - some are one time deposit bonus hunters.

If I had to make an educated guess on an average I'd say that an "average" player would deposit around $600 during their casino life time.

So the value per player to affilaites is probably about $200?

But get one or two whales at a program and that shoots way up.
The old 80/20 rule applies here - 80% of profits comes from 20% of players.
Of course the trick is getting that 20% to signup //
Wooow, what a quick reply! Thanks man :thumbsup:

But, if the average earnings per player on RevShare is about $200, than it's better to choose CPA. At least you get yours $200 earlier. :) Right?!

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Maybe. But who knows if my answer is right?
Different sites have different results.

I look at this this way ... a $200 CPA is worth $200 full stop.
It's useful for short term cash in a hurry.

But be sure that your affiliate program knows exactly how much money your players are worth to them.

If it's less than $200 then they'll drop you tomorrow.
If it's more than $200 then they'll happily keep you on.

So (logically) if you're still on CPA then you're losing money.


IF a REV share delivers that $200 in around 4 months (As I'm guessing) ...
Then I get any extra months of player time as extra revenue.

Certainly there is an element of increasing PLAYER NUMBERS that appeals to rev share - and in EVERY case i earn more in year two at a casino than year one.

(and more in year three than year two .. etc ... )

So ... I get the feeling that for CASINOS rev share is better overall.
Just my opinon though.
Yep, definately RevShare option is more interesting option. You build your own base of players and future income. Only thing is that you can not 100% predict the future revenue from the player, which is not the case with CPA.

This thing is specially interesting for me, as I work closely with the PPC Search Engines, and I really need to know how much my player is worth.

For example:


Advertising costs = $400
3 Players Reffered (at $200 CPA Rate) = $600

Result: $600-$400 = $200 In this case, I know that I earned $200. And that's it! No more calculation. :)

In RevShare however, I can't actually make this calculation...
and be %100 sure!

But, also must say that RevShare sounds far more interesting than CPA. :)
PPC and Gambling do not go together in my opinion.

The good PPC programs won't touch a gambling site and the PPC programs that will take gambling sites are among the worst in the business, you'll be lucky to see any real traffic at all from these outfits.

One last thing, Beware of ANY program or website that says thay are looking out for casino affiliates... the only people they are looking out for are themselves...

Of course, this is just my experience and opinion, others may have had different experiences and feel differently.
Well yes, must admit that advertising Gaming Sites on PPC SE is really difficult, and most of the PPC SE that do allowed Casinos bring bad traffic. That's true. No doubt about it.

One last thing, Beware of ANY program or website that says thay are looking out for casino affiliates... the only people they are looking out for are themselves....

Do you mean on PPC SE Web sites, or Casinos that are looking for affiliates?

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