How much can you win and take home?


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May 13, 2006
Hi, this is a good forum and this is my first post. :cool:

This question is hypothetical and im asking advices from people who have experience with it, thank you.

Lets imagine that somewhere on the planet there is a virtuoso in craps for example and he starts to play online and hes fantastic with craps even online and he wins 10000$-20000$ per day without any losses.
Now somewhere there is a line where the casino kicks you.

I have read about one dude who won +1000000$ in blackjack on some online casino and he didnt get payed. Then I have read on this site about people who are owed 20k from some casino and they dont get paid. If you play with some little casino which doesnt even have the money to pay well no wonder they wont pay. But if you would play with partygaming for example, taking 10000$ a day, how many days can you play?

Im not winning 10000$/day and don't know anyone who does but im asking info from people who have _experience_ with the paying capabilities of online casinos so I hope this topic wont only be a chit chat topic without any real content, thanks if someone knows
Welcome to Casinomeister, SuperSuper!

If I understand your question correctly, you're asking how long you can play at a well-funded casino and beat them consistently before they will no longer allow you to play, or stop paying?

I think the answer lies in being particular about where you play. A good start would be Casinomeister's Accredited Casinos. At all of these operations I would expect them to pay even consistent winners, though of course any casino reserves the right to refuse the player's business in the future - provided they have paid all monies that are due.

Not being on the Accredited list does not necessarily mean that the casino will not pay, or is not honest, etc... but why would you take a chance when those who are on the list are already meeting high standards?
Some of the smaller casinos have a maximum payout per month clause..some around the $5000 mark.
If you are a highroller these are prob not best for you.
If you did go on a roll of winning $10000-$20000 a day for a week or two ( we wish:D ) you will be getting your cash in installments over the next few years!

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