how is this legal?


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Feb 16, 2024
Why is it so bloody difficult to bonus on a megaways game? 2 hours and 48 minutes of gameplay this evening on the same slot without a single feature hit. Almost 5,000 spins. How the hell is that legal? Bloody disgusting.
168 minutes by 20 spins per minute isn’t anywhere near 5,000 spins…. More exaggeration from the resident troll….
You wonder why people don’t believe you when you say it’s months since you had a win over x7? Nothing you ever post is within the realms of possibilities
that's why I said ALMOST. Anyway, I give up. This place is just full of trolls who mock people's losses. Delete my account, please.

No it is not.

If you were to post more realistic stats and LISTEN to the advice given and suggestions made then you would find this place more welcoming and most likely get better value for your deposits.

Making multiple threads over the same issues and NOT taking any advice given (smaller bets, less volatile games) is not going to achieve anything.
There clearly are shenanigans going on in the slotting world, but so many of their claims didn't even remotely add up. Those kind of claims you're looking at transaction logs and audit logs, not cherry-picked screenshots which are trivial to mislead with.

On a more realistic note, I once had a three hour session where I didn't win more than 7x either - I did a couple of dozen spins, went to get a cup of tea, forgot about the slot and then came back 3 hours later and closed the game window. The End.

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