How do I upload a photo?


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I've been trying to upload a photo, and attach it to a post. But, I can't get anywhere!
I click on the 'insert image' icon, and upload a photo (I think), but that's as far as I can get.
Could some kind soul give me a step by step instruction on how to do it properly?


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I go to my start menu and search snipping tool and click on it.

Choose what I want to 'screenshot' and drag and cut.

Save it to my desktop

go to and upload it. Then copy and paste the forum URL here.

Some people use the print screen and copy it to paint than go to imageshack but out of all the ways available, Ive found the snipping tool the easiest


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The most likely cause of your problem is that the picture is too big (memory wise).
Use MS Paint (or similar) to save it as a Jpeg no bigger than 680x480 pixels. That will reduce it's memory size to less than 100Kb and you should have no trouble uploading it to the forum.



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If you click the image icon at the top, you're only linking to the image which works if it's already online. If you want to upload a pic, when you're writing a message if you scroll down just below the text area you'll see a 'manage attachments' button.

Click that and it will open a window that shows pics you've uploaded before (if you have any) or will let you upload using the 'add files' button. Click 'add files' and then 'select files' and browse for your pic then click 'upload files'

Once it's uploaded you can select it and click on 'insert online' and it will show up in the post wherever you want in an

instead of as an attachment at the bottom of the post.

If that makes sense... :)