House Winnings cut my commisions


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Dec 9, 2002
House Winnings (marketing company for Casino On Net and Reef Club) have an affiliate program based on a $100 CPA basis. I referred 7 players to them the last two months and they refused to pay me because they claim they have only earned $100 from those 7 players. It's hard enough to bring in customers to casinos, and it's not up to me whether they win or lose. This is just a warning to other affiliates! Tell you players to lose next time... darh!
Did their affiliate agreement terms say that you would not get paid if the players you referred did not produce a certain amount of income for them?
nope, their stats server has been having problems and they claim that I'm sending fradulent traffic because there were 0 guest accounts and all of the accounts were purchasing players. Anyway, the stats were fine in October and I sent them 2 players that month, and they said they made the payments already, but i never recieved it. So I asked them and they decided not to pay at all.
Hi webghost,

Somewhere in their terms and conditions, they should define exactly what a real player is (i.e deposits x amount of dollars and plays according to the casinos' T&Cs).

Send me any information you can via my "pitch a bitch" section, and I'll see if I can't get a straight answer for you.


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