Hilarious vid on Isildur1


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Feb 22, 2001

[ame="http://video.yahoo.com/watch/7506171/19886665"]Online poker rigged on Yahoo! Video[/ame]
I guess it would. Seeing how popular these spoofs of that particular film clip are -- I've heard there are sites that allow you to just type in your text and voila! Your own version! -- I'm guessing that there are a hell of a lot of people that don't speak German. I wish I did though. :(
Bryan - you're something of a film buff - help me out here. I can't recall the title of the original film in which this clip appeared?
Der Untergang (2004)
... aka "Downfall" - UK
... aka "The Downfall: Hitler and the End of the Third Reich" - USA
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That clip is hilarious! :lolup:

I guess you have to have done some reading on pokerforums to get all the points, but it cracks me up atleast. :thumbsup:
This was one of the most brilliant poker videos I have ever seen! I dont understand a word they are saying so the captions are totally believable. I'm impressed :D I was equally shocked that I got all the inside jokes since I write the news and blogs for a poker site. I'm up on all the latest high stakes poker gossip and didnt even realize it!
I'm assuming you're referring to who is using this nom de plume rather than why Isildur1 is so renowned?

Most speculation appears to be that it's Viktor Blom....but who knows for sure?

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Well my research says isildur1 is none other then Victor Blom.. now as he is the part of pokerstars pro team. this mystery will no longer remain a mystery untill PCA 2011.. i cant wait to confirm.... :)
Yeah it's so close now to finally knowing for sure that Isildur1 is Viktor Blom. What would be really funny though is if we are wrong and it turns out to be someone else. I doubt it though. But we will soon find out probably this weekend :)

I know that that will be a very fun story to write on Monday! Can't wait!

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