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another thread from a newbie saying hello to you all....:D

I am a poker player + EV (in the microstakes lol),but i was following this site for a while now,and read people talking about the slots they play.
i never thought much about slots,but by steadily reading these post i was kinda wondering what it would be like to play them.

so...i looked up for a accredited casino here on casinomeister and came to 32red.put some monies in ,grabbed me a bonus and started spinning.

whent to the fishing slots(cant remember the name) and at the end of the evening i finnished with what i started,and had a GREAT time:thumbsup:

I find it strange that just spinning the wheels is actualy fun (or is there realy a skill involved ,betting paterns or something ??)

well, ill just stop here and post something on the apropriate threads...

best to you all....werner.


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I find it strange that just spinning the wheels is actually fun (or is there really a skill involved ,betting patterns or something ??)
No skill at all. Just hit "spin" and pray! :D

Ideally you should try to find out a bit about the slots you are playing, because although most of them look extremely similar they can have quite different characteristics; for example, at 32Red where you are playing, their "AWP" or "Pub Fruities" work in a totally different way to the bonus video slots. Then you have high-variance & low variance, progressives, etc...
My advice it take it easy to start with - preferably in "fun mode" - until you find some you personally like.

This recent thread about slots might give you a few pointers...

Welcome to the forum! :thumbsup:


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Hi! Welcome to the forum. Kasino King has offered some excellent advice (also, if you lick on the link in his sig line, he has a very nice, easy to read website. Some others have great links to their sites in their sig lines also:thumbsup:).

If you're into playing the AWPs and pub fruities, vinylweatherman has some great posts on them too.

There are a lot of very helpful threads concerning variance, RNG, RTP, etc. if you're up to the technical stuff. Otherwise, hope you have a lot of fun and some nice wins!


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(also, if you lick on the link in his sig line, he has a very nice, easy to read website.
No website came up. I just got a wet sticky monitor... ;)

- Keith


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Glad to meet you, Werner! :)

I am a slots kind of gal. There are no special skills involved but there is a bit of money roll planning to keep your play going longer so you have more of a chance to hit the "Big One".

Slots can give a big hit and absolutely give you one Hell of a rush. Probably similar to the royal flush rush card folks get.

Like the other said above, wander around and make yourself at home and jump in when you are ready! :p :thumbsup:


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thanks all for the advice and the link:thumbsup:

and you're right KasinoKing,i have to look up some technical thingies about slots.
never would've thought that they are so different from each other.

thanks all thumbs up :)



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Well...better late than never :p

Welcome to the forum! :cheers:

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