Help me by critiquing my website?


Nov 13, 2004
Hello everyone,
Sorry to post this in this category, but no one seems to look at the "Webmaster" posts very often! Anyway, I've been working on my own gambling portal at
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, and I'm wondering if you guys have time, if you'd take a look and tell me what I can do better, etc. It's clean and simple, with no pop ups. I know it's nothing close to the casinomeister site, but we all can't be so great. :) If you have feedback, perhaps you could email me with it at I really do appreciate any help. I think is great!
Hello again,
I didn't get any responses from anyone, so I thought I'd ask one more time. I really look up to you guys who post here on the board, which is why I would respect your feedback. I know a lot of you are probably seasoned pro's who have your own websites as well. I know you wouldn't want to give advice to your competition, but I don't think I'm even in the same league, as I haven't gotten a single sign up yet. :) Thanks guys, you're great.
Why dont you email bryan direct or vist
They have help me alot and they are very friendly
Also the gpwa you might want to ask them also.

Good luck

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