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Happy I found this site as I am new to the whole "Online" casino world. At first I was pretty naive to everything, and soon found out there was a lot to navigate through concerning legitimacy, terms and conditions, and all of the different "groups" and "sister" casinos. There are so many, and when I first started out about a year ago... I was trying EVERYTHING that would give me a free chip! Of course, I never read the "terms & conditions"... who does that?:eek2: Learned the hard way, though, after "winning" $1800 from a not so reputable casino, and fighting tooth and nail for the $300 they eventually sent me. But, hey, they DID pay! I could talk about casinos all day long (think that may be a problem?:rolleyes: ) but I just wanted to say hello and make my first post, so HI ALL!!! Good out there! May we all be careful, responsible, and most of all LUCKY!!!whoohoo!:D
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Hi, Welcome to (the best) forum

Hope you find it as useful as I do. The members, reps and admin here are all very approachable, knowledgeable and helpful so enjoy!!

I considered myself a very experienced player until I started using CM, so all the best with the site but remember every day is a school day :p :p :p


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Hello and Welcome to CM Newbit :thumbsup:

I think most of us have started the same way as you, with free chips and bad casinos.
We have probably posted in the wrong place and made spelling mistakes too.
That's part of the fun in here:p


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Great intro :thumbsup:
I think most of us learned exactly the same way. I've been at this for 13 years now, and I still learn something new every week!

Definitely worth a newbie taking the time to read some of this forum, especially the rogue section and the "How to spot a rogue" guide.

Welcome & good luck,