Has anyone heard of Wager Works software?


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Dec 4, 2004
I was looking around for somw new casino games and came across a place called getminted.com. They don't have many slots,but the ones they do have seem like alot of fun. Monopoly,Wheel of fortune.Price is right etc. I read through all of their T&C and it seems ok to me..But what do I know?
I was thinking of making a small deposit just to try them out but figured I would post here and see if anyone has any nightmare stories with them :eek2:
All the casinos using their software are based in the UK/Ireland & very trustworthy (the CS is good if a little incompetent at times). I'm not sure what deposit methods they have for US customers. Click on customers here for a list of the casinos: Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)
Operated by Cashcade. There is a review on Casinomeister News if you use the search function. Before Wager Works they were using Chartwell Tech software.
Chartwell software - feels a shiver go down his spine :eek:

Actually, they're not so bad as there are a lot of UK casinos offering half-decent monthly bonuses, but the software makes Cryptologic BJ look like a walk in the park.

Everyone should avoid one of their casinos, though - www.thecroupier.com. They've been banning players instantly for no other reason than that they've deposited, received a bonus, wagered it and withdrawn - once! They don't respond to e-mails or acknowledge withdrawals and have only been paying out slowly and very, very reluctantly. An object lesson in how not to respond to a sudden influx of new players discovering your casino.
And just noticed this on their website:

Start playing at thecroupier.com NOW and be assured of exceptional privacy and security, top class customer service, fantastic odds and winnings that are paid out immediately!

The irony :rolleyes:
Wager Works software don't allow any US players from any of their operators..They're based in the US - and usually run a license in Aldernay

So not sure Getminted would accept your money - but I guess you could always give it a try!

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