Has Anyone Heard Of PharaohsPokerPlace?


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Oct 25, 2005
Hi,, I was wondering if anyone has heard of Pharaohspokerpalace? Good or bad, I'd like to hear about it! And also, is the InteractiveGamingCouncil legit or no? Thanks to all who respond:)
If you look in the news archives here at Casinomeister you will find articles on these guys. They appeared earlier this year and were talking about using webcams to deliver live gambling from their site, but they seemed to drop from sight after that and I have seen nothing further from them.

The IGC is a trade association for online casino and poker room owners and as such it used to organise lobbying efforts in Washington (apparently without too much success this year!) My personal impression is that it concerns itself with the players only indirectly and does little to engage with the player community. It has been going for some time - back to the 'nineties, which is a long time in online gambling.

BTW I see you're from Jasper - cool place! My wife and I visited there a couple years back on a trip to the Rockies.

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