Has any one played at leopard casino ??


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Apr 20, 2003
I ask this on another board didnt get no answer?
Please tell me how it went


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Mar 29, 2002
I've never heard of it, who's software do they use?


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Jan 16, 2002
Damian, if you ask on a board nobody goes to anymore you can expect to get no anwsers.

These are shifty bastards. I played at LR a while ago and managed to cashout before some creative T & C additions were slipped in that would have gummed things up considerably.

I then played at their new sister casino quite recently (no US players and pounds sterling only). I got through a whole load of play one evening, playing Jacks Or Better full pay. Then I left it and went to bed. By the next day they had downgraded the JOB paytable to 5/6!

I contacted CS and said that to downgrade so quickly was really a bit dirty - get deposits based on good games, then switch those good games to shit games when the players are trapped into their deposits and with no option but to lose their money very quickly. The CSR then told me that, notwithstanding grotesque paytable downgrading, my game of choice (JOB) only counted for 1/4 of the wager total. This was mentioned nowhere I could see. However, on CLOSE - and I mean CLOSE - inspection of some very dry-looking T & C on a page the link to which was hidden WAAAY down on the bottom right of the home page and completely absent from the promo page, I discovered the "VP counts 1/4" clause. Repeat, VERY well hidden. At this point I had a bit of a fit with the CS team and demanded my money back, as per an offer they have for dissatisfied customers. To the casino's credit, they acceded quickly and refunded my deposit. They have NOW added the "VP = 1/4" rule to the promo page. Now WHY didn't they do that from the start?

Absurd paytable switches and deeply-hidden T & C; this place gets a thumbs down from me.
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Dec 2, 2001

If you are talking about www.leopardrockonline.com, i have played there. Its an rtg that pays quite fast, and if i remember correctly they dont ask for a faxback form. One of the good rtg:s ...



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Jun 30, 1998
I hope you aren't referring to Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)

These guys are pretty straight. It's an RTG site with ties to the South African land based casino. If you are having a problem with them, please let me know and I'll give the operators a heads up on it.
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Mar 28, 2003
If you take a bonus there's not much you can play

Most games are banned from bonus play except slots and keno (and perhaps a couple of crappy other games, but of course no actual craps).

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