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Jul 19, 2006
NorthWest USA
Now,dont get me wrong. I AM happy about Bodog. Everyone says they are great. I have cashed out once, so thats good. I like to play war. I deposited 2 weeks ago, $50. Got killed. Every time I bet above $2. Play $1, I was ok. But of course I wanted fast money and I couldnt stay at $1. Last hand was a tie, didnt have enough to play it. Only .01 left. Last night I signed on to see if by chance I had recieved a bonus for my loss. I had! There was 5.00 in there but was still stuck on the tie. I had to play the tie, I lost on a $1.00 bet, then, I played another $1, I won, again, again and again. On $1 bets (scared to go over that amount now)I got up to 60, back down to $50 then cashed out. I was playing really slow until I got to $60, then started playing fast. I knew it was on a losing streak then. Same thing happened at Inetbet recently, the first time it played fast, lost all my money. Next deposit, it played slow and I started winning. Once it started playing fast, I started losing and I stopped for a small profit. This just seems too weird! Anyway, at least Ill have some money in my click2pay. If they are still around!:)
Ha! ...........I have to eat my words. I just played my $50 over at inetbet. I played it to 61. cashed out. Reversed. Played it to 75..cashed out . Reversed. played it to 91....high and low bets..cashed far Ive stayed out. was playing fast... MMMMMMmmmm these words taste sooooo good!:rolleyes:

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