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We downloaded Golden Tiger Casino's software and was awarded a small bonus for doing so. We decided to purchase some credits since we would be given a $40 bonus for an initial deposit of $100 or more (we bought $150). There was an additionals bonus offered of $20 if you purchased ANOTHER $100 or more on a weekend which we did not do. Instead of giving us the $40 bonus, they gave us $20. Our initial purchase WAS on a weekend so I believed it was an honest mistake. However, I have contacted them by phone everyday since and they promise it will be corrected that day but it never is. I feel I'm lucky that all I'm trying to do is get a bonus corrected and not trying to cash in my account.

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After three weeks of attempting to do what should have been done in two hours, I finally got what I asked for plus a little bit more. The tone of their letter was that I was attempting to get two bonuses. Of course its not THEIR fault. Here is a copy of the letter I got this morning (Oh, and be assured that this response came after I informed them that I would go everywhere on the net I could find to post my complaint about them)

Hello Michael,

We are sorry about the delay and confusion surrounding your bonus points.

Please note that you cannot claim two bonuses for one purchase - we assume
that you would prefer to receive the sign-on bonus of $40 rather than the
weekend bonus of $20, so we have added $20 to your account to supplement the
2000 points you had already redeemed from your Casino Rewards account.

In addition, we have given you the $10 free sign-on bonus that you should
already have received.

We hope that this proves satisfactory for you, and wish you luck and
enjoyment at Golden Tiger.

Kind regards,

Email or call us toll free using the following:

1866 8753669 USA
0800 634 6301 UK
800 903640 HONG KONG
1800 148 279 AUSTRALIA

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