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Mar 23, 2005
Right here!
One of my big things for online casinos is the speed at which they pay, so I was quite pleased with my experience at Global Player.

I signed up using the Meister special promo, and my $50 bonus was credited immediately. This was nice: No waiting for stuff to be credited etc.

Played a few hands, got lucky, and cashed out. Within one hour, the money was posted on Neteller. This is the fastest cash out in recent memory. No annoying reversal periods, waiting for checks to be mailed, ID verification with bank account, utility bill, etc etc. (I find these to be bogus, but that's another thread!).

Kudos Global Player! :thumbsup:

Wish I could play it. Every time I try to register, I get some kind of error. Havent had time to contact their support yet. Hopefully, I'll remember to do it over the weekend.
Hmm...I havn't tried this site yet. It sounds like they got their act together though! I think I am gonna try them out this weekend :)

One of my top two favorite on the net. They are always speedy paying. Customer service is 5 stars. Video poker heaven. I hope they never change!

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