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Aug 23, 2004
Midwest USA

I have had a few neteller withdrawals this week, (IE 4). Most done in a number of hours. My last neteller did not get processed in 24 hours. I e-mailed CS and they replied stating that it should get process shortly,( 6 hrs later no transaction). I reversed and played some more and now have another withdrawal pending.

Has any one else had this problem, or am I being singled out? CS did tell me there are fees involved that they pay and I should consider parking my money.

Global Player continues to be one of the fastest paying casinos on the
Internet, however, there are certain cases whereby our Finance Dept.
needs to investigate further before we are able process a cashout. For
example, if a customer is both depositing and withdrawing several times
in one day without playing very much, then the account will be
investigated by our Security Dept. which will inevitably delay the cashout.

Global Player absorbs the transaction fees and therefore, we would like
to encourage members to use the "Park" funds feature in the future. This
feature allows members to put aside their cash funds until they are
ready to play again, or to cashout once at the end of the day.

Please be assured, we will continue our policy, to be the fastest paying
casino on the Net! For more information, please see our Withdrawal Statistics here: Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)
Global Player payouts


Initially this was a $107 withdrawal from Weds. night, didn't get paid out Thursday night, so I reversed and took it up to $202. I did get it paid out about 14 hours later. Better than most casinos.

I guess some of us got spoiled when Phoenix had instant payouts.

Maybe some additional comp or something should be offered as an incentive to park and "encourage".

Overall I enjoy GP very much.


At most online sportsbooks, you might get one free cashout per MONTH. Anything beyond that and the player pays the fees. Some don't even offer free payouts at all. I am new to casino's so was surprised to find that they allow unlimited withdrawals with no fees. Seems to be the norm.

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