Global-Player Casino: Is such BJ a fair game???


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Jan 20, 2005
On 13. May the Global-Player offers a special BJ: Las Vegas Strip Classic: dealer stands on soft 17, player may double on any first two cards and after split, no surrender, re-splits to 4 hands, Aces may not be re-split, the dealer peeks.

The House Edge by perfect basic strategy is -0.15% (Players have advance).

After 7637 Units wager I have lost 231 Units!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:
Theoretic I should WIN 11 units!

I'm trying to request my game logs and analyse them. Because Global Player casino is the reputable casino at Casinomeister, I do hope they use a fair software!

PS: All my play is followed by Basic Strategy through Strategy engine from
It might be just bad luck! It's only 2.5 SD's below average (about 1 in 80 chance of losing as badly or worse). If you stopped playing when you ran out of money or when you thought it was rigged, then it is nearer 2% chance rather than 1%.

You may think it rigged with a 97% payback after 7637 units played but you will need to play more hands to prove it because that result is still very possible in a fair game. Then again the software is proprietary so don't count on it being fair.
How much is enogh

Thanks sirius,
just a question: how many units should I need enough to prove it'srigged (if it is)
luanwang said:
Thanks sirius,
just a question: how many units should I need enough to prove it'srigged (if it is)

Well it depends on the results you get but after a while it will become more clear if it is rigged. I doubt the payout is really as low as 97% so you have been unlucky, anyway. If you manage to be lucky from now on, it doesn't mean it's not rigged, you could be winning just through good luck. If it was rigged and the payout is really as low as 97% then you should be able to prove it quite quickly but the payout percentage is probably much higher or it would be too easy to spot.

After 100,000 units bet, you can be pretty sure the payout percentage is within +/- 1% of the true figure (to 3SD's significance level) so that should be enough for convincing proof if it is rigged by more than 1% and pays out less than 99%. If it is paying out more than 99% (as it probably is), then you may need even more hands to prove it but not necessarily. As I said, it depends on the results you get.

So, I've lost all my deposit $1000 after 9015 hands (flat $5 per hand) now.
Wager: 9015 units
Payout: -251 units
Theoretic House Edge: -0.15%
Theoretic Payout: +13.5 units

Thank you once again, sirius.
But I don't think I can play another about 90,000 hands to prove the Fairness. It costs too much MONEY and TIME.
What is more practical is anyone, who have played also Las Vegas Strip Classic at Global Player Casino today over 1000 hands can also offer her/his payout.
Anyway I'll request the game history for analyse.
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I had a pretty bad time with Global Player BJ. I played several long sessions of BJ counting and raising my bet on high counts of 3+. Needless to say I did very badly and lost the majority of my raised bets. Of course i could have been unlucky and I have experienced bad sessions counting in a real casino. However it does not inspire much confidence.
Despite my grave reservations about small casinos who create their own software (due to the inherent conflict of interest, and my bad Slotland experience), I gave Global Player a try.

I turned $200 deposit into over $2000 playing their special Friday the 13th games -- about half the winnings from the single-deck Blackjack mentioned, with the rest on their zero-edge American Roulette game and special bonus French roulette game.

I also liked that they have progressive video poker jackpots -- and in fact I hit a progressive royal on 3-line 10 cent video poker. But I gave that all back on a dollar machine trying for the big money. :)

They paid out my winnings to my Neteller account within TWO HOURS of my request, with zero hassle, no BS security checks or anything. Further play and withdrawals resulted in similar withdrawal times... anywhere from 15 minutes to 4 hours. Very nice.

And... they even sent me a personal note congratulating me on my winnings.

About my only complaint is that their software interface is a little weird, but other than that I was very pleasantly surprised with them.
I plopped in a small deposit the other night just to check out this Casino because of the special Casinomeister bonus. I lost it all, which is no big deal because I was up and down and could have quit with a win if I wanted.

Personally, I found the software to be very mediocre. It was slow, and the computerized voice for the dealer was annoying. Also, many of the other online Casinos I've played at make at least some attempt to create a "real" casino environment. Didn't get that feel with this one.

This just my opinion for what it's worth. I've been playing exclusively at Omni for the last 9 months or so (with a few very rare exceptions). I'll stick with them.
First time i played there i lost around $500 maybe a year ago. That was the only time i played BJ there losing around 50% of money and rest in JoB.
From then on i used to play mainly 2Joker Poker in the happy hours when they had it and luck started coming. After in a freaky friday i hit 3 royals at 25c level. Then i started playing 1$ at happy hours and hit 3 or 4 royals in less then a royal cycle. Since happy hour gone i play only JoB $1 and have hit a few more royals too.

You can see my nick there in top time winers. Its BakyPT.
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Now if they BJ is rigged or not i have no idea but if they wanted to cut some edge i think i would have stopped hitting stuff long time ago.

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