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Sep 1, 2004
Ok, twice in a week now I have been given LAUGHABLY bad support from what I once considered a great casino.

One: Before Christmas, they had a promo going on called 12 days of Christmas. There was a box on the bottom of their webpage advertising this. And when you clicked on it, it gave you various bonuses/incentives for each day. Well, I contacted support to get the bonus code for one day(as the bonus page instructed me. Support told me they had no such "12 days of Christmas" promo. I told them it was clearly advertised on their webpage....they told me to hold for 5 minutes....when they returned they could not find it????????? Finally, they were able to find it, told me to hold again, and then they apologized for the delay, and said my account was credited. Quite odd, I thought, since I had not made my deposit yet. So I checked my account anyhow, and noticed $75 in my account. So I got a free $75.dont know why?? haven't deposit here in over 2 weeks..figured I would never be able to cash it out anyhow, so I blew it on 5 minutes. Really makes you wonder!! We throw our money at these casinos and they don't even have a clue what is on their webpage!!! Scary!!!

Two: I got an email today about their crazy Tuesday promo. I get these almost every week and take advantage of them from time to time. Anyhow, there was no bonus code attached to this particular weeks crazy Tuesday promo, so i contacted support.....again, NO CLUE. They told me the bonus code for the crazy Tuesday promo was in the email. IT WAS NOT! Why the heck would I waste my time contacting them if was there???? They then told me it was right in front of them and the bonus code was indeed in the email. I AGAIN had to tell them, NO, it was NOT. I guess he finally decided to READ the email in front of him and decided that indeed there was were no crazy Tuesday bonus codes in the email.:what:

Why do we shell out our hard earned money to these places that simply have no clue what customer service is, or even simple etiquette??

Well, I personally have never played with Geisha. However, given your recent experience, I am not sure about risking my money with them any time in the near future.

As the forum rules suggest why not PM a Casino Representative for Geisha and give them an opportunity to come clean. Maybe they will be honest enough to admit :rolleyes: they used novice support techs during the holidays or have another explanation for the problems.

Its worth a shot IMHO.

Here's the link if you wish to: Geisha Lounge Representative
Relax, sounds like they had some nitwit helping out at the CS dept over the holidays....Plus, you got free money from them! It's not like you lost anything. I think the Geisha Rep may be out of office for the holidays, I've PM'd him about something else and he hasn't responded yet. Those guys need some time off work, too. Granted, Geisha don't have the best CS around, but they'll get it sorted I'm sure.

It's a shame though, because I quite like RTG, and Geisha is the only RTG casino where I have an account, and I'd probably play there regularly if they had better CS.

They gave me an extra 150 bucks once by accident, and didn't make a fuss about it afterwards. As long as it's not the other way round :D

Free Money

Hello Guys

I was on holiday but am back now have looked into this .We were having an issue with CS support that we have resolved.I am extremely annoyed by this as it is a good Casino and this keeps happeneing with one of the new CS reps.

I have just spoken to the people concerned and do admit to blowing a little bit of fire ,this sort of thing will not happen in the future.

My apologies to you for this -and i hope that you enjoyed the free money.

I think, Greg made it clear (once again).
I like to play at Geisha and King Solomons, had cashins of more than 10,000 in 2005 and it never took more than 48 hours to get the money. They are trustworthy - although CS sometimes - well..---
But for me its decisive that Greg knows the point and is working on improvement. (as well, as i try to improve my english!)
I hope, in 2006 he will make these places the "32 reds" of RTG.
RTG of Choice

Guys we have so much happening this year and i truly do hope to become the RTG of choice.I think there are a lkot of good things to be said for the software ,we all know about the history of RTG and its operators,that has changed ,my support will be sharpened up very soon ,i can promise you that.

I prefer for this to be in the open and for people to speak out so that i know what i need to change.If we are failing in something i can go back to the owners and tell them this is what you need to do.I am very lucky in that they do take my feedback very seriously and usually act on it immediately.

With regards to support ,it is a compolicated issue but we have taken steps to improve the situation and you will notice the change in the short term.Things will continue to get better during the year with the purchase of new technology easing the burden as well

The most important thing however is that you continue to enjoy and have a great time at my partner Casinos .If you dont and you have a gripe ,you know where to find me by either posting or PMing me

Have a great day Guys

Hi Greg,

It's really nice to see a Casino Rep so active here on the forums. A lot of the casinos have been real quiet in the complaints thread lately....

I have faith in Geisha:thumbsup:


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