Gaming Club and Microgaming Cheat Customers



Last week The Gaming Club(MG) advertised a 15% on all deposits promotion. The bonus was supposed to be credited last friday.
I felt like this would be a good chance to get some extra money to play with while I tried to get a 20K Royal flush, so I deposited quite a bit of money. I wagered A Lot of money on VP then played some high stakes blackjack I even played some slots. I followed all the terms and conditions of this offer. I wagered many multiples more than the terms and conditions stated.

I did not get my 15% bonus. I got a BS email claiming I was on an abuser "list", and would not get this or any other promotions. I was not on any lists.

They lied and claimed I was on a "list", but not 3 hours earlier I had recieved a promotion for playing their mystery slot game. Apparently I was not on any list then, but magically 3 hours later I was on a no promotions "list".

The gaming club made up lies about me being on an abuser list just to get out of paying me a bonus that I earned.

If they lie about this, then they will probably lie about anything. So don't be surprised if they have to void out your future big win because you were on some sort of imaginary "list"

Given the very very close ties(alleged ownership) between Microgaming and The Gaming Club, I see this as a Microgaming approved way to screw customers, so don't be surprised if all microgaming casinos start to cheat customers this way.

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