Gametime Software


May 9, 2006
On Top of Old Smokey
Does anyone know anything about this casino software provider?
Here is a link to their site
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The only places I know of that use this software are sportsbooks. (Carib and 5Dimes I think) . I searched the forum to no avail but I am trying to get more background info on them to see if their software is fair.

The softare does provide a great history of play so I am able to export the data but I am not sure what to do with it after that. ANy suggestions for sample size etc to try to get an idea would be appreciated. Currently I only have around 1200 hands at single deck blackjack in the past 7 days but I have played a ton of blackjack online and at the B&M's so I know there can be unbelievable lucky steaks to go with the twice as unbelievable unlucky streaks. I've just noticed some strange goings on and want to make sure I am getting a fair shake.

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