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May 26, 2003
Is it profitable to create a gambling portal? I have purchased my own website URL, and would like to create a good portal. Do you have any suggestions or tips? Any info would be appreciated. Thank You, Darren


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Jun 30, 1998
Hi Darren,

Here are some tips:

:tri_right: Create a portal that is geared towards a specific audience. You need to find your niche to separate your portal from the 35 billion that are out there already. It should be something unique! Make it sticky with information that players will return to. You don't want to produce simply a banner farm.
:tri_right: Choose a group of casinos you feel comfortable with promoting, You can check out some webmaster programs here:
:tri_right: Don't Spam!!
:tri_right: Stay away from message boards unless you are merely collecting information. Far too many webmasters spend way too much time in other people's message boards, in other words, in other people's portals, when they should be focused primarily on theirs. A website is much more than a message board, but many casino protal webmasters fail to see that. Sure discussion boards are fun, but they can suck up a lot of time and energy that should be invested elsewhere.
:tri_right: Enjoy yourself!! This business can be a lot of fun. Make it so!

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