Fujitsu Portal in provision of service for Online Gambling Industry Customers

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Feb 15, 2019
The new portal allows online gambling operators and supplier to have visibility on system consumption data, order tracking, capacity management and forecast insights to fully utilize consumption-based, as-a-service resources. This fosters transparent cost structures, delivers effective expense monitoring and safeguards against unexpected cost escalations.
It really does sound like Horizon-as-a-service doesn't it... (for people outside the UK,
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in the late 90s that caused one of the biggest technology scandals)

While the problems started almost immediately in 1999, the consequences are still being unravelled to this day - with an ongoing inquiry (as of 2023) discovering known and ignored software defects that caused miscalculations, unaudited access by Fujitsu staff (in contrast to the "Fort Knox" image portrayed by their CEO), and a web of cover-ups from both Royal Mail and Fujitsu continuing for the best part of 20 years - meanwhile completely innocent postmasters had their lives destroyed, some went to jail, and one committed suicide.

That Fujitsu are still fighting this, makes you wonder what other skeletons they have in their cupboards...

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