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Mar 29, 2002
What the #)$^ is this all about???

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According to this, Gambling Grumbles has been discontinued due to "insufficient interest from visitors." ! What a crock of sh*t that is. I suspect its more likely been discontinued due to flack from's PAYING advertisers who are getting slammed regularly.

Bryan, can you get some comment from Julie, or maybe even get her to come over here and continue her grumbling work at the meister's site.
I find it hard to believe that there's a lack of interest in Gambling Grumbles, Julie was getting her fair share of casino complaints.
Well, I guess is now an official banner farm. Feh.
It wasn't discontinued due to "...insufficient interest..."

It was dropped due to a "...Conflict of interest..." :eek:

Just like jpm said. has always had banners up for the scummiest of casinos.

Hahahahaha.... it sure was a "conflict of interest"... :lol:
so does casinomeister like cryptologic ones I suspect a money limit program at omni and intercasino just plain rigs the cards
All of those who were referring to scandalous activities concerning the demise of Gambling Grumbles can now eat crow.

eCOGRA Appoints Julie Sidwell from Gaming Grumbles as Fair Gaming Advocate

LONDON October 2, 2003 As a step toward providing player representation for eCOGRA approved online casino websites, eCOGRA today announced the appointment of Julie Sidwell as a fair gaming advocate.

eCOGRAs goal with regard to a fair gaming advocate is to provide players with assurances that fair gaming issues will be dealt with professionalism and care and that player concerns are treated seriously at eCOGRA approved web sites.

According to Andrew Beveridge, CEO of eCOGRA, Julie Sidwell, who is widely recognized as the online gaming industry's leading specialist for independent mediation, has been appointed by the eCOGRA Board as a fair gaming advocate. Julie will assist in ensuring that eCOGRAs initial procedures incorporate important player safeguards.

"Julie Sidwell was the Administrator of Gambling Grumbles for, in charge of dispute resolution between casinos and players over the last four years. She has written many articles for Gambling OnLine Magazine, with regard to player disputes and casino responses, and has assisted several operators in the training of staff to prevent disputes and increase resolution efficiency, said Beveridge.

Julie will assist in the implementation of effective dispute resolution procedures, an important component of the eCOGRA mission. Her role will be similar to that of a players representative to have concerns dealt with quickly and professionally, Beveridge added.

eCOGRA is a positive step toward building credibility in the online gaming industry. I am excited about the opportunity to work with the industrys leading software suppliers and operators in taking positive steps toward protecting players and providing recognizable fair gaming. I look forward to beginning my work and providing added value to eCOGRA members, approved casinos and their players, said Sidwell.

Player protection is a cornerstone of eCOGRAs mission. Julies prior experience as an advocate for fair online gaming is something that we are very pleased to bring to eCOGRA. Her experience with complaint resolution is a welcome addition to the eCOGRA team, said Beveridge.

eCOGRA was created with backing from Microgaming Software Systems Ltd, the largest licensor of Internet casinos, and Virtual Holdings Ltd, owner and operator of Casino-on-Net, one of the largest Internet casino companies.


About eCOGRA

The objective of eCOGRA (e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) is to be an independent entity that provides important player protections to consumers, including that operators are honest, games are fair, monetary deposits are safe and winning bets are paid in a timely manner. eCOGRA's founding members, Microgaming Software Systems Ltd. and Virtual Holdings Ltd., account for more than 70% of casino style gaming on the Internet.

eCOGRA is open for application for membership by online gaming software suppliers who share the vision toward fair and responsible online gaming. The eCOGRA Board will limit membership to those suppliers that are accepted by the Board as having and proving the highest level of integrity, are able to comply with eCOGRAs Generally Accepted Practices and whom the Audit Panel accepts.

Initially, eCOGRA will focus on online casino gaming. It will evolve to include other forms of online gaming, such as sports books, poker and bingo.

Andrew Beveridge, eCOGRA
CEO & Executive Director
Phone: +44 207 887 1480
That's good to know Bryan, but what said was that gambling grumbles was discontinued due to "insufficient interest from visitors". You have to admit that is total b.s.

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