Resolved Hero Bet Limited casinos self exclusion is not working


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Apr 9, 2019
Be careful! I am permanently banned from Hero Bet Limited group casinos. I have closed my account through Casino Heroes and they terms & policy said that they will close and block all casinos of the brand and sister casinos:

"In accordance with our license agreement, if you notify us that you are experiencing gaming issues, your account will also be automatically banned from our other sites that we manage or maintain. "

However, Boom Casino operates under Hero Bet Limited. I was able to open an account (Boom casino) there with the same information I used to close all Hero Bet Limited casinos. I lost almost 4000e due to a game problem.

I pointed this out to them, they went around the problem for 8 days before they answer me I need to ask this 4 emails and 4 chat request. In the end they said that I have indeed been suspended due to a game problems in all they casinos and they can see that. But:

2.3. **Gambling problems.** You may not participate in the Games if you are a problem gambler, has self-excluded or closed yourself from any of our other brands (caused by gambling problems), and/or if you are included (whether voluntarily or involuntarily) in any register or database of players with gambling issues.

So you are self-excluded in last 2 years, you can open a account still.. you just need to be care if you have problem gambler that you don't open a new account.. but you CAN do that... wtf?!

I have wins from these casinos 0e. I was asking refunding and everything is ok. They just say that's not ok because i have gaming problem and i have open a account to site what i have been ask before banned.

I have make MGA report also for this
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@Villehonkonen , we have received and are now working on your PAB. Please ensure that you have read and will comply with the Player Arbitration Policies and Procedures . Failure to follow those rules could slow, damage or even cancel your PAB.

Please go to your PAB Ticket and see my post there. Issues related to your PAB need to be addressed before we can proceed.

Max Drayman
Player Arbitration (PAB) Manager,
Update to this: they never paid this over 5000e refund:

"We have looked into your claim again. Although we feel that we have fulfilled our obligations and taken reasonable measures to prevent you from signing up on our websites, we have decided to refund your deposits to Boom Casino as a good will gesture from our end. We hope this will help your situation and you manage to get help for your problem."

"We have make a transfer, it will be in your account in 2 days"

"Sorry for the delay, we have make a transfer today and it will be in your account 2 days"

CHAT: "We have make a transfer for you today - We have already forwarded your request regarding the refund to our relevant department and will update you as soon as possible via this same thread. We have done a follow-up now regarding the same as well to help you out."


"As per the update from our payments department, we are happy to inform you that your refund is processed successfully today, and you will receive it shortly in your account."

CHAT: "We have processed your transfer today and it will be in couple days in your account"
"(09:48:42 AM) Sara: XXX It would be on your account in this week, don't worry"

"We apologise for the delay and inconvenience caused to you. As per the update from our payments department, we are happy to inform you that your refund is processed successfully today"

6.3.2023: NO MONEY in my account
@Villehonkonen , please update your PAB Ticket with this information. I'll resume work on your case based on this.

- Max

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