Free spins question

De Beuker

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Apr 20, 2009
Is it possible to view the individual freespins in Microgamings Playcheck?

I just had something very odd and like to watch what exactly hit, or better said, did not hit during my freespins on Beach Party, but as far as I can see this is not possible?

This is what happened, I hit the 3 scatters for 15 free spins.
Then I got no less than 4 retriggers for a total of 75 free spins :eek2:
Most I ever got on this slot.
The scatterwins paid 5xbet for the original trigger, then 4x5x3x multiplier is 60x bet for the retriggers, plus the 5 from the original trigger is 65x bet for the scatterwins.

Ended my 75 free spins with a total of 79x bet.
Thats only 14x bet in linewins for 75 free spins??:eek:

I swear I haven't got a single win with a wild, not even one.
Only a few 2oak icelollys and 1 or 2 3oak low paying symbols..
I'd like to check it to see how many dead spins in a row I got at one point, must be somewhere between 30 and 40.
At least I'm now sure freespins are not random..


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Aug 27, 2008
The biG Eu
Not sure if you can view free spins spin by spin but as for none random free spins I think thats the case. Much like any other spin where the win is pre determined the moment you press the play button. I might wrong on this but I recon at the moment free spins are triggered then its already deterinmed what x times your bet it will pay - the rest is just eye candy and part of the play.