Footbal star flees, accountant badly beaten over debts


Dormant account
May 7, 2004
AN adviser to a football star who ran up 100,000 of gambling debts has been beaten up in a vicious street attack.

Grant Brebner recently left Dundee United for Australia owing a substantial sum.

The former Hibs player's affairs are being handled by a Tayside company.

And the man dealing with Brebner's debts was viciously battered at his home.

Gavin McLeish, 32, a director of Dand Carnegie Accounting Solutions, suffered a broken arm, cuts, bruises and severe shock.

During the attack by three men, he was told: "You'd better get Brebner's affairs in order."

He was taken to Ninewells Hospital and operated on. Last night his condition was "stable".

The attack happened around 5.20pm on Monday, close to McLeish's home in the Blackness area of Dundee.

Brebner played for Manchester United and Hibs before Dundee United.

He joined Australian side Melbourne Victory in the summer.

Last night, speaking from his Melbourne hotel, the 29-year-old footballer said he was shocked his name was linked to the attack.

Brebner admitted he still owes money but refused to discuss the actual amounts and insisted: "Anyone I do owe money to I speak to and they are fine. There is no nastiness whatsoever."

The footballer confirmed that McLeish has been appointed to manage his financial affairs but said they had not spoken for around three weeks.

Brebner said: "It's a horrendous situation. I feel for Gavin but for me to be brought into it as well is very concerning."

He added: "What's the logic in attacking this man? What benefit would that do to anybody?"

Brebner has spoken openly in the past of his massive gambling problems.

He has freely admitted that in one spree, he punted more than 100,000 on dogs, horses and football results.

When he was earning 2500 a week, he gambled the lot. On some occasions, he placed single bets of 500 and often lost his enitre weekly pay on betting.

The former Hibs captain even spent a Christmas in a rehabilitation clinic run by..
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