New Slot Announcement Vinnie Jones coming to slots via SWINTT Gaming


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May 22, 2012
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From iGB today:

Online casino games developer Swintt has partnered with renowned hardman and former-footballer-turned-Hollywood-star, Vinnie Jones, to produce a suite of slot games based around the Watford-born geezer’s life and persona.

The Diary wonders whether these slots will be inspired by Jones’ 1980s spell with Wimbledon FC, who were known colloquially as the “Crazy Gang” at the time due to their boisterous personalities, penchant for foul play and outrageous practical jokes.

Not averse to the occasional violent outburst or seizing the game (and some other things in Vinnie’s case) to intimidate their opponents, the Crazy Gang would frequently engage in acts like adding salt to their opponents’ tea, to add insult to literal injury. God, makes you come all over all warm and fuzzy for the days when footballers were real men, doesn’t it? Or perhaps not.

Or perhaps the slots will be inspired by Jones’ illustrious career on the big screen - big name characters like The Extractor from Tooth, Mahogany from The Midnight Meat Train, or the simply named Killer in The Liquidator must all be on the shortlist for possible slot game spin-offs.

Or perhaps the developers will take inspiration from his popular appearance on The Celebrity X-Factor, which saw him tackle a classic song each week to the best of his ability – it was certainly quality entertainment, but perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised he’s bringing out a suite of casino games rather than a solo album.


Vinnie Jones is English but played international football for Wales and is famous for hard tackles, or in this case trying to tear Paul Gascoigne's tackle lol...



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Jul 10, 2016
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More shameless pushing of gambling.

No wonder the powers that be are clamping down..

he also robbed a living as a footballer and actor, he also wasn’t hard... he was shit with a ball and can’t act for shit...

only tough club was millwall, still are..

was majestic they all boo’ed the clowns taking the knee!..

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