Casino Complaint WonClub Figures Out How to Go From Bad to Even Worse


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We have been owed commissions from WonClub since the summer. Numerous e-mails were sent requesting payment and they were all ignored. We recently received an e-mail from Artem our account manager which you would think would be a good thing. He explained that he had bad news and we could not be paid all the money we were owed. He said that it was not his decision but the people above him. He then promised to pay us less than we were owed in 2 payments. Reluctantly we agreed. Here is where bad gets worse. He promised to make the first payment over a week ago and hasn't responded to follow up e-mails. Anyone else had problems like this with Artem or WonClub. All seems very offside to me.


1)Not responding to e-mails and request for payments for months.
2)Then negotiates a lower payment and split payment because they can't afford the full payment
3)He then does not make the first payment and ignores follow up e-mails.