Fixed-Limit MTT Tourneys ??

Thanks mate, but why is that? Can't you be more specific? I find my self to do better in FL than in NL and I thought about trying some FL MTTs...
ok my favorite site pokerstars :thumbsup:
offer plenty. my favorite game is omaha hi lo which i play fixed alot
they also have tournaments called deep stakes in fixed limit, itlll take forever
5k or 10 k starting chips, blinds starting at 5/10
they got plenty, got a few 1 dollar ones
and got a few 100 dollar ones
and everything in between
they also got some pretty big fl sit and goes too, which if you are good at em and have patience youll make a killing
Virtually any middle sized to bigger room offers fixed limit MTT's. The best ones are offered by Party and Pokerstars. Full Tilt and UB have fewer but they are still a bit popular. Some sites like Absolute stopped them due to lack of interest.
tencardcharlie said:
Hehe, It's just suck when you join them by mistake, because they take so much time. When I try to make a big raise and discover that... I can't:what: , I get a bit mad.

Been there and done that many times:eek: , although I think the skill factor in FL STTs shows through more than in NL. I find with the NL STTs it ends up in an all-in fest at level 5 and beyond.

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