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I began using Firepay in May. When they first started out they were great and their customer service was impeccable. However, that all changed around July. They are horrible now. Not only is it nearly impossible to get into their site but many times I've had casino's reject my firepay deposit because their systems can't get through either.

This is nothing however compared to the new problems that have surfaced with them. Back in July or August, I had a balance of $7.00 in my account. I made another deposit of $13.00 in order to have $20.00 so I could purchase at a casino. I did not get to play at that particular time because it took so long to get into their site. When I finally went in to play my balance was $13.00. The $7.00 just disappeared. I wrote to them continuously. They replied once that they would look into the matter. After repeated, ignored e-mail, I finally just blew it off and thought well, maybe, just maybe, I was mistaken.

Now, my brother is having the exact same problem. He had deposited $25 and used $20 leaving a balance of $5. A few days later he made another deposit of $15. Then, and for several days afterward, he could not access the site at all (server upgrade? ROFL!) Now, that they have upgraded or whatever, he went in and lo and behold his balance is $15. The $5. balance he had has just vanished into thin air. He has written to them at LEAST 4 times and they have NEVER replied. Not once.

I believe they are thieves. I do not believe they will EVER answer him or EVER resolve the issue. When they upgraded they also changed their whole statement system. You can't tell anything by looking at it and you can only get 30 days worth of data.

If they take $5 or $7 or $10 from EVERY person that uses them, they are stealing a LARGE amount of money!!!!! Think about it. We're talking tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If they are truly legitimate and these are truly legitimate errors with either the software or the customer, why do they have trouble answering e-mail on the subject? They do NOT answer e-mail when you question this type of issue. Not even to say "we are working to resolve the problem". They try to compare themselves as an online debit card. If I ever had these types of issues with my bank from using my debit card you can be sure they would respond to me.

I refuse to use them any more. I use Paypal or Web Dollar for ALL my purchases now. If a casino does not accept one of these, I do not play there. I make it a point to write to every casino that sends me a Firepay promotion in e-mail and tell them exactly WHY they shouldn't be promoting them. They suck.

I am very interested to know if ANYONE has had a similar problem with them and if you have PLEASE post it.
i have been hearing bad things about firepay all over the net. the biggest one is that it times out when you make a purchase and does not tell you that the transaction went through. People try it a couple of times and nothing happens then they look at their balance and all their transactions went through. Now the problem is that they don't credit youre card so people have to wait for weeks to get their money back

personaly I stick with paypal
I used them recently to desposit a tiny amount. I thought everything was O.K. until I got a letter from them saying that they has just realised that they deducted it twice!

They apologised and said they would be returning the amount, but I didn't think they could make a mistake like that. Good job it was a tiny amount or it would have cost me dearly with bank charges.
Hi everybody: I have been having a problem with firepay also. I had $20 in my account, and added $30 to make it an even $50 just in case I needed it. Well they sent me an email not long after saying that I only had $20 in my account. I sent them an email: got an automated email back, saying they would send it to someone to check it out. Than I finally got an email saying the same thing they have been saying to others, that they were upgradeing, and things would be straightened out. Not long before that I had received an email from them saying hte expirition date on my firepay account had expired, so I should go and change it.I did, and now I can not access my account at all. I sent them another email telling them about the problem, same old automated response, and then an email asking me to tell them what error I got.Duh! I told them I didn't get an eror, that it just wouldn't accept my new password, no answer again today. So, this morning I tried to cal and talk to them about it. On the phonefor half an hour, and it just kept saying to hold. I just hung up nad sent them another email telling them what I thought about their service, and to put my $50 back on my charge card, and cancel my account since they don't seem to have time to be bothered with answering their emails. I guess they have too many custumers, so I will give them one less to ignore. If they don't put my money back on my charge, I will have to try other measures. Don't know what yet, butI will think of something.
Well, hope all of you get some results , and me also. I think I will stick with Paypal also.

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