Favourite Live Casino provider?


Been playing a lot more live casino recently, just wondering if any of you's had a favourite provider? I like Playtech the best, Evolution is decent but for some reason I really don't like Net-Ents, the unlimited blackjack table in particular seems to go against why I play live in the first place.

Any other big providers that offer live?


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I like Evolution as they offer Roulette La Partage. Their Immersive Roulette is also good fun with slow motion replays of the ball dropping. :cool:


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That's a tricky one as all of the software providers provide something a little different, so it really depends on what you like.

Evolution are considered the gold standard, certainly in Europe, they have the widest selection of games with all the side bets, innovate the most, have the largest number of tables and a very slick operation.

Playtech are currently in catch up with Evolution and are making changes to bring their games more inline with Evolutions. Traditionally the dealers had to follow very strict rules on what they could say and wear, but that is now being relaxed. The technology is not quite up to Evolutions, you tend to get more lag and screen freezes on Playtech's games.

NetEnt has it's appeal, it's modern looking and they only have Blackjack and Roulette. Both games are in the standard form. There's no side bets on Blackjack but they do have La Partage on Roulette.

Visionary iGaming
have Blackjack with Early Payout and both European and American Roulette. Why you'd want to play the American version defeats me (I digress but they only have American Roulette at the Hippodrome in London and they advertise it as being a good thing!).

Extreme Live Gaming
are new on the scene, studio is based in London and they offer a very personal experience when you're playing the table games. This is where they different from the bigger providers and I actually prefer it now for when I play Blackjack. They offer side bets as well. They also have a number of USP's like XMode that allows you to view the table from your seated position and at table level. Roulette also has side bets!, using imagery from some Novomatic Slots (Extreme are part of the Novomatic Group).

Smartlive have a similar experience as Extreme (not surprising as the founder of Extreme setup Smart live), but the interface now looks a bit dated. The dealers however are great if you want a chat.

Microgaming are a bit of an odd fish if I'm honest. The games are OK but have a very Asian Bias. It's no surprise that they will be withdrawing their Live casino from Europe and the deal they signed with Evolution a few months ago will see European targeted Microgaming Casinos running Evolution Live Casino.

I mention the above as they can all be played by UK based players.

If you're outside the UK then you can get access to Global Gaming Labs, Ezugi, XPro Gaming, Vivo gaming, Bet Construct - all have a slightly different slant.

If I was pushed then I'd play Blackjack at an Extreme Live Gaming Casino.
Baccarat at Evolution, they now have the Squeeze.
Roulette at Evolution due in main to the Immersive technology.
3 Card Poker & Caribbean Poker is only available at Evolution, so little choice there.
Casino Hold'em take your pick from Playtech or Evolution there is no difference in the game so it's just personal preference.
Hi Lo - is only available at Playtech and only at a select few casinos.
Sic Bo - again a Playtech game with a limited choice of casinos.

I didn't intend to write so much, hope the summary is useful. :)


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Immersive Roulette is really good, feels very interactive. Just wish they had some guys in the seat too :)


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I like Playtech a lot there. Dealers reach from chatty to awkwardly funny but it's usually fun to play. Same goes for Evolution but their BJ has slightly worse rules.

On the other side most of the asian dealers are often like puppets, no face expression, no emotions - they don't appear to have any fun or at least pretend to have it. I avoid those live casinos.