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Jul 31, 2005
I would like to resolve my problem with a casino representative here, but I don't think he is on board CM. Anybody has any contacts?

2. Posting Complaints

2.1 - Complaints against casinos or pokerrooms will only be posted in the "Online Casino and Poker Complaints" forum.

2.2 - Do not post a complaint without notifying the appropriate casino representative by either PM or email. The casino representatives are listed here.

2.3 - Ensure your complaint is free from offensive or abusive language, and that the complaint is tactful and truthful. Making false claims are grounds for banishment or drawn and quartering.

This is the second and last warning A23456789TJQK

Please read the posting rules. Thank you.

Admin note: removed "EXTREMELY dumb" from the title.
Hi A23456789TJQK,

We've received your PM and we are currently looking into this matter for you.

Our casino manager will be in touch shortly.

Many thanks,

Affiliate Coordinator
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