Sep 28, 2010
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Not trying to be pedantic here bud far from it, I would have posted this in the respective thread but it`s been closed. Regarding IP`s and I think this is extremely relevant to casino`s and IP matching, I noticed that because I do not save the name of my login device when using Facebook :oops: I get sent an email with the regarding data including my IP address, I have blocked out the last two figures for obvious reasons, but you can clearly see the time and date stamps, so, even though the leases are far shorter I am still keeping the same IP address...


Like I previously stated I am not being pedantic, but, this is a rather important issue regarding the aforementioned and now closed thread.




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Oct 14, 2004
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I have never had this from Facebook, whether or not I opt to save my login details, or even use a different PC or other device.

If you simply renew the lease straight away, you probably would get the same IP address again. This is probably because the renew request actively tries to renew to the same IP address, and will get it unless it has been reallocated in the fraction of a second it takes to get another lease.

A better survey method would be recording which IP address you get when switching off, and then on again later, your internet connection. With Virgin Media, you would get an IP address from the servers serving your local area, but it would be allocated from the pool available at the time, and would not normally be the same as the one you got last time.

This is how Virgin Media describe how they allocate IP addresses dynamically. If you leave your internet permanently switched on, you may well keep the same IP address for a prolonged period. Their guide is not necessarily the full story, as it has to be written for a wide audience, and they may simplify some of the technical details.

What you don't get is a guarantee that the IP address you start with is yours, and yours alone, for the entire length of your contract, and can be considered a unique identifier that proves any connection from that IP address is always coming from your internet connection.

The way some casinos describe it suggests they consider an IP address is as unique to a players' internet connection as a fingerprint is to a person. This is only the case with a static IP, which is how the internet USED to work, but no longer does since the realisation that there is a shortage of IP addresses in the current standard, and it is no longer possible to allocate one permanently to each device that connects to the internet.